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2016 Ford Cars

Ford’s distinctive style continues to evolve throughout the new 2016 lineup. For continues to aggressively design their vehicles with modern styling and a nod to the great cars of their past.

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Ford manages this balance as well or better than any other vehicle company.

Ford has continued to push their more fuel efficient vehicles and their EcoBoost engines. These engines provide great power and also allow people to avoid having to stop for gas at every fuel pump. In addition to providing a frugal alternative, Ford is one of the first names in safety. Their vehicles tend to have safety features of far more expensive vehicles in other car lineups. 2016 is no different.

2016 Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is an economy vehicle that is available as either a hatchback or four-door sedan. As subcompact model, it is sporty and ideal for city driving and parking, but still offers a modest amount of cabin space and passenger comfort. The Ford Fiesta seats five. The standard model is a front-wheel drive vehicle that comes with a five-speed manual transmission. The Ford Fiesta offers an average fuel economy rate of 28-31 miles per gallon. The EcoBoost ® option, which is available only for manual transmissions, can improve the car’s overall fuel efficiency. Optional features include a touchscreen entertainment interface.

2016 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a bestselling compact car that is available as a four- or five-door sedan, hatchback, or hybrid. It has a sporty design and excellent handling, with a spacious cabin and plenty of room for a driver and four passengers. Buyers have the choice to build their ideal vehicle with an extensive range of optional features, including parking assistance, hands-free parallel parking, and an in-car touchscreen entertainment and information system. All models come with a rear-view camera. The standard five-speed manual transmission sedan has a fuel economy rating of 26-30 miles per gallon.

2016 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a five-passenger midsize sedan with a sleek, European design. The S and SE models include a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine capable of 175 horsepower. The car is front-wheel drive and comes standard with a six-speed automatic transmission. A turbocharged engine is available. The standard 2.5-liter engine is surprisingly fuel efficient, with an average of 26 miles per gallon with combined city and highway driving. Safety features include traction control, front knee and side curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control. The MyKey system, which comes standard, allows the owner of the car to set limits on speed and music volume for other drives, such as teens. Finally, the car offers an extensive range of technological features, such as power accessories, a rear-view camera, voice-activated entertainment system, keyless entry, remote start, and rear parking sensors, among others.

2016 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a four-seater coupe model that comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, and a 3.7 liter V-6 300 horsepower engine. Safety features include four-wheel anti-lock brakes and driver and passenger side and knee airbags, along with an airbag occupancy sensor which permits the airbags to avoid going off when no one is is in the seat. The 2016 model has a retro body design for those who prefer the old look of the car. It gets 17 miles per gallon in the city and 28 on the highway. Like other Ford vehicles, the 2016 Mustang includes the option to add a number of safety, comfort, and technological features such as keyless entry, an in-cabin entertainment and information system, as well as an EcoBoost ® package.

2016 Ford C-Max

The Ford C-Max is a five-door hatchback vehicle with a 2.0 liter iVCT Atkinson-cycle I-4 hybrid engine and a lithium-ion battery. The cabin is roomy enough to accommodate adults in the backseat, with a tall roof. The SmartGauge EcoGuide feature offers real-time information about fuel and electricity consumption to its driver in order to maximize efficiency. This front-wheel drive car seats five and offers between 37 and 42 miles per gallon. Buyers have the option to pay for additional features such as heated seats, an in-car entertainment and information system, and much more.

2016 Ford Taurus

The 2016 Ford Taurus is a full-size, classic American sedan that seats five comfortably. It comes standard with a V6 engine and six-speed manual transmission. It has an excellent safety rating and crash test scores, and comes with a wide range of safety features. In addition, the car features a very comfortable interior and ample trunk space. Fuel efficiency for the 2016 Ford Taurus ranges from 19-29 miles per gallon. It is available in all-wheel drive or a more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine. In addition, buyers have the option to add the SYNC 3 ® infotainment system.

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