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3D Printing: A New Dimension of Fun

3D printing has become a popular term in the past few years. Using a 3D printer pretty much anything can be designed, modelled and made. A 3D printer can produce all different types of objects including plastic articles, children’s toys, metal machining parts, glassware, stone dishes, food and in the future body parts.

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What is a 3D Printer?

A 3D printer is a single machine that replaces a complete factory production line. It combines all of the elements used within this production line and uses the printer to do all of these processes. This allows a near finished or finished product to be completed by the printer.

How to use a 3D Printer

It is very easy to design 3D objects no matter what your expertise level is. You can design a 3D object on your computer. Then all you have to do is connect it to a 3D printer and hit ‘print’. It is amazing what can be made on a 3D printer. No longer are you looking at just one dimensional simple designs, you can even print out full pieces of furniture, appliances, bicycles, and much more. These 3D printers can even make products that function and have moving parts including hinges, chains, brakes and much more.

What are the Opportunities?

There are many opportunities for 3D printing. 3D printing could change the entire way we go about our daily lives because we would be able to create more and waste less. If homes were equipped with 3D printers people would no longer have to go to the store to purchase the things that they need. The entire way people go about living their lives would change, with stores and warehouses becoming a thing of the past. This would have a very beneficial effect on the environment as people would no longer have to drive to purchase things, which would reduce harmful emissions and pollution. It would also result in far less waste because people would only print what they need, and would not require packaging for storage or transportation. If you imagine 3D printing with new technological advancements and innovations in the future, the possibilities are endless.

3D printing also allows for complete customization. You can create whatever you are looking for to meet your own specifications. This means that you can make shoes that are made exactly for you that will fit perfectly. You can also customize other things including food, medications, clothing, furniture, appliances and much more. This may all sound too good to be true, but this is the future of technology. The possibilities that come from 3D printing are very positive. It can make customized and personalized products for anyone.


Using 3D printing as part of your daily life is not going to happen overnight. 3D printers are not capable of creating many products yet because of the materials, size and finish needed. 3D printers are also extremely expensive because they are a newer technology and are not common for in-home use.

Although 3D printing seems really out of this world, not that long ago smartphones, iPads and other technology were considered a wild idea. Through the use of technological innovations 3D printing can change the world and how we go about our lives.

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