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A Hydrated Office is a Productive Office

Getting water delivered to your office is a convenient way to ensure your employees are well-hydrated. Three- to five-gallon bottles of water are the most popular options when it comes to delivery.

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However, smaller water bottles are also available for delivery. The cost of having water delivered to your office depends on a variety of factors, such as how many people work there, and how often you would like delivery.

Some water delivery companies ask you to pay per bottle of water delivered. Others ask you to sign up for a service plan, which generally includes a specified number of bottles per month. Often, water companies charge less per bottle for larger quantities.  

Five-gallon bottles cost between $7 and $8 including delivery. However, if the company knows you will be putting in a bulk order or ordering with them for years to come, they may be more willing to give you a discount. You can expect to pay around $6 per bottle if you are ordering a large quantity of five-gallon bottles.

In most cases, the water cooler or dispenser is included in the monthly service fee. However, you may have to pay for the cost of the cooler yourself.

The following are just a few items to consider when choosing an office water delivery service.

How much drinking water does your office need?

You can start by identifying whether you have a small office with under 24 employees, or a large office with more than 25 employees. Most water companies use this distinction as a way of helping their clients identify their needs.

An office of eight to 10 people might go through between six and eight five-gallon water bottles in a month. This will cost you between $35 and $45 per month, in addition to any other service fees or charges. Larger offices are more likely to spend double that or more on their monthly water needs. However, keep in mind that the water delivery service may reward you for returning bottles or ordering in bulk. 

What type of water is best for your office?

Which types of water are available and at what cost? Purified and spring water will cost less than distilled or fluoridated water. In general, the former are $1 cheaper than the latter. If you have a specific type of water you would like to order for your office, make sure the company provides it and consider the cost.

Will members of your office require individual water bottles?

Finally, you might want to consider adding standard water bottles to your order as well. Many water delivery services offer this service in addition to larger bottles. For most, this is a matter of convenience. It also gives employees the option to take the water with them off-premises. Ordering a 24-case of water bottles usually costs between $10 and $15. In some cases, the size of the single bottles is variable. 

If your office is located in a rural area, you might have difficulty finding a company to deliver your water to you. Always make sure that the company delivers to your area before you purchase your order. 

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