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A List of Dog Friendly Hotel Chains

People love their dogs. The friendship available from a dog is fantastic. However sometimes people aren’t able to take their dog with them when they travel. It’s unfortunate because a lot of dogs travel well, but many hotels won’t allow them to stay over.

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The good news is that hotels seem to be modernizing. While not all of them are willing to allow dogs to stay, many have changed their thoughts. This means that people are able to take their companions everywhere. But which hotels allow dogs? Read on to find out the most dog friendly hotels in the United States.

La Quinta

This is one of the best dog friendly hotels anywhere in the United States. La Quinta has over 830 locations in the United States. Of those locations, there’s only 4 that aren’t willing to allow pets. In addition to dogs, La Quinta will also allow cats as well. Up to 2 dogs can stay for free. More dogs will require an additional fee.

Best Western

Best Western is a chain seen throughout the nation. It’s arguably the biggest pet friendly chain and there’s over 1600 hotels that are going to let you keep your dogs. It’s worth noting that only moderate to small size dogs are admitted free. If a dog is larger than 80 lbs, then it’s likely going to cost an extra charge.  That being said, the fees max out at $100 per week, so it’s still much cheaper than having your dog stay at a kennel. Also, most locations will also allow other pets including monkeys!

Ace Hotels

Ace hotels aren’t the largest chain. They only have 7 locations (of which 5 are in the United States). However, they are quite friendly when it comes to housing dogs. Ace actually has an interesting statement when it comes to pets. They ask you to contact them if you have a pet that is “something stranger or larger than a dog” and they will try to make that work out for them.

Fairmont Hotels

The Fairmont chain is very much dog friendly. Each individual location has their own terms and conditions when it comes to canines. Sometimes it’s free to stay for them, while at other times, it may cost a set price per night. This is typically about $25. That fee goes to a good purpose though. Your canine will often get food and water bowls, as well as pet beds to sleep on. Fairmont is especially proud of dogs and has a “Canine Ambassador Program”. So if their own dogs are happy, why wouldn’t your dog be happy as well?

Red Roof Inn

As long as there’s no local laws against it, a Red Roof Inn will let you bring your pooch along to stay! In addition, Red Roof Inn doesn’t charge any extra fees for pets to stay! There is a downside to bringing your dog along with you to a Red Roof Inn however. They don’t have any of the extra services that you might find at some locations. There’s no dog room service with dog food, and a pet concierge isn’t available for a quick walk around the block. However, it’s still a great choice with minimal problems.

There’s other great hotels out there that will allow dogs. Be sure to ask up front, and they will happily let you know their policy on bringing your dog along with you and what services they will help out with. So save some money. There’s no need for a kennel when you can bring your pooch traveling with you!

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