AARP: The American Association of Retired People -

AARP: The American Association of Retired People

The American Association of Retired Peoples is a great group. It provides guidance and planning for people as they approach what should hopefully be their greatest years.

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There are a large amount of issues that people in their retirement have to deal with and the AARP is one of the first places they can turn. The AARP helps them make the decisions that are going to reverberate through their retirement.

The goal of retirement for most people is usually to feel good and enjoy a lot of things that they weren’t able to while they were working. This usually means relaxing and travelling to places they never got to see while they were employed. Beyond that, people in the AARP want to be healthy and plan for the future. Without being healthy, it’s hard to travel. The AARP can help with all of these things.


Medicare is a right for the retired. Medicare really allows people to cut the costs of their healthcare and provides assistance in times when it may have cost people too much to maintain their health. There are various medicare programs that are available and various tiers of medicare that people can opt into. The AARP provides a list of all medicare options in your region and will give you all the information about each of them. That’s important because it can be hard to figure out which plan is best for you.

Technically the AARP isn’t supposed to recommend specific medicare plans to its members. This is because it’s medical advice and if it doesn’t come from a licensed physician, it’s incorrect. What the AARP does is provide you with every ounce of information. It also provides advice on how to properly choose a plan on your own.


The AARP offers access to a trip planner to help assist you with your travel plans. The travel planner provides you with all of these things:

  • Help Booking Flights - Like many other online websites, the travel planner can help you book flights for your location and will pay special attention to making sure any special assistance is provided in boarding and unboarding.
  • Find Hotels -
  • Plan Package Trips - All inclusive trips and cruises are common retirement travel options. The AARP travel planner will let you find the right ones for you.
  • Provide Discounts - Because of the strength of the AARP they have become partners with a lot of hotels and travel companies. This means that AARP members are able to
  • Provide Advice - The AARP is great at providing advice to make things easier. Their advice for travel can help you avoid pitfalls and be prepared for any unexpected incident that comes up.

Life Insurance

The AARP also understands that a lot of their retirees are concerned with taking care of their loved ones after they pass on. Because of this, the AARP made a concerted effort to offer something that many of their members may be interested in… life insurance. The AARP life insurance is a hedge to help people not submit their loved ones to unexpected expenses. It’s a low cost life insurance and only AARP members can sign up for it.

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