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Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance services are crucial to the most important cases the hospital system have to face and fix. Air Ambulances are used in critical situations to provide transport of people in critical situations.

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Air Ambulance is a general term. It doesn’t necessarily always mean by air. Air ambulance is a general term for extreme ambulance transportation. This contains air and ground services. It is staffed with paramedics and doctors. They have constant communication available to each other. This is important so the ground paramedics can know exactly what was done and where treatment stands when they have the patient transferred to their care.

  • Planes: Aircraft are used whenever longer range transport is required. Doctors and paramedic teams are always on standby. The planes are then used for long range transport. The medical teams will provide the best treatment possible during the flight and provide updates to the ground personnel who will take over.
  • Helicopters: Helicopters have been used to help ferry wounded in the military as early as the Korean War in the 1950s. Helicopter evacuation started from military use but ended up expanding out to civilian situations. Civilian helicopter air ambulance services started in remote areas. It allowed for people in remote rural settings without great care facilities to be airlifted to areas when they could be treated properly. This started in the Australian Outback, in remote Scandanavian areas and regions of northern Canada. All of these regions feature limited population and limited medical facilities.
  • Ground: Despite the name Air Ambulance Services, oftentimes the transport needs to take place using ground vehicles. Most hospitals have helipads these days. But when air ambulance services use planes, there isn’t going to be an airport landing strip at the hospital. Transportation needs to take place from the airport to the hospital.

Types of Air Ambulance Services:

  • Inter-Hospital Transfers: The most common form of air ambulance services is inter-hospital transfers. This occurs when one person is admitted to one hospital but for whatever reason is unable to receive treatment at that hospital. Air ambulance services will be contacted for transfer the patient to the appropriate location to receive the proper treatment.
  • Organ Transfers: From the time an organ donor dies, there is an immediate ticking clock put into place. Identifying if the organs are a match for people looking for the donors occurs first, and then rapid transit is necessary. Some organs can sustain themselves longer without a host body, but it is a rush situation in almost every case. This is one place where air ambulance services are absolutely critical. They focus on saving the lives of the needy by delivering their precious cargo intact and on time.
  • Emergency Evacuations: Emergency evacuations are the closest to evoking the original military use of air ambulance services. Emergency evacuations occur in locations that do not have standard access to roads or transit. This service helps treat injured hikers, people injured at sea and many others. There has been hundreds of stories printed of life saving flights and of air ambulance services arriving just in time.
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