Alcohol Rehab -

Alcohol Rehab

Deciding to deal with alcohol problems are very difficult. There are a lot of treatment and rehabilitation methods that can help people come to grips with their drinking issues.

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It’s an individual decision that can take a lot of soul searching. People who choose to go into rehabilitation do so because they want to get help. They want to get off alcohol.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is a valuable and important aspect to treatment for people who have developed legitimate alcohol dependence. Inpatient treatment provides assistance in dealing with the physical withdrawal and effects that come from your decision to stop drinking. Inpatient treatment is confidential.  Generally inpatient treatments last in intervals of 30 days with the longest being 90 days. At that point, it’s hoped that there are other methods of treatment that will better provide you with the assistance you are going to need.


Detox is often the very first part of alcohol rehab. The alcohol in the system needs to be cleared up to allow people to adjust to life without it and to stop the dependance on alcohol that they are fighting. Detox is intended for all alcohol as well as drugs. It allows the person to cleanse their system and help make decisions while not under the influence.

Detox can be tricky. Detox is a scary process that can actually result in a lot of negative side effects or even death. It’s not something that should be done alone. The withdrawal stage can be a scary thing. There’s no shame in getting help!


Counseling is one of the most important aspects of alcohol rehabilitation. Counseling allows people to come to grips with their alcoholism and help work on the root causes and figure out what their triggers are. Counseling makes up the bulk of the rehabilitation treatment.

Counseling can come in a lot of different forms. One on one counseling is common and group counseling also works. Counseling also comes in the form of alcoholic anonymous meetings. Each person needs to find what counseling options provide them with the support to help them with their addition.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is a method that is becoming more common. Holistic therapy is an attempt to provide a treatment plan that can appeal to people looking for something that will work on their mind as well as the physical issues they are facing. Holistic therapies work to try to help you become a more balanced person. These often feature meditation, specific clean diets and peaceful hobbies like art classes. Holistic therapy locations tend to be scenic and quiet. They attempt to evoke peace and quiet in everything they do.

Dual-Diagnosis Therapy

Dual diagnosis therapy is required when someone is dealing with both alcohol abuse as well as a mental illness. This may not seem like a common occurrence, but it can actually happen quite often. Sadly, not nearly enough people who are suffering from dual-diagnosis seek the treatment they need. There are several treatments available. Group therapy is very similar to that which is available in other cases, but there are also behavioral therapies that can prove very effective. Dual-Diagnosis therapy is going to be different for everyone due to the complexity. It’s best to figure out a plan with a qualified doctor.

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