Alzheimers & Dementia Care Facilities -

Alzheimers & Dementia Care Facilities

If your loved one is dealing with memory loss issues like alzheimer's and dementia, it’s possible they require the use of a memory care facility. Memory care facilities are intended to allow those who suffer from alzheimer’s and dementia the assistance they require to live safe and comfortable lives.

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When you’re looking into a potential move to a facility, it’s important to look at the care that’s required and be very objective about what assistance is required. We often see our relatives with rose colored classes. If you’re unable to be objective, then bringing in an unbiased person to assist you with the decisions.

A good facility will be able to meet any of your potential requirements. If your loved one only needs an occasional check in, that’s very different from someone who is struggling with eating and incontinence. There are a variety of different levels even available at the same facility. The differences are crucial so keeping the patients happy and well treated. The escalating treatment levels allow patients to have proper treatment as their issues could potentially escalate.

What Makes a Good Memory Care Facility?

So what makes a good memory care facility? There are a lot of points that you should consider when you’re trying to decide on which memory care facility is right.

  •  A good care facility will group residents by cognitive level. This makes it easier for social interaction while also allowing them to receive treatment specialized to the level of their memory issues.
  • Treatments for other diseases or disorders need to be considered. If memory care isn’t the only care that’s required, you need to know what else will be needed. Facilities will often have treatment for more than just memory.
  • One of the more important aspect is the level of medical service that will be available. Nurse staffing can be critical. Is there a nurse on site 24 hours per day? Is there a physician that makes regular visits? How often do they make regular visits? These questions are crucial so that your loved one receives the treatment they require.
  • Does the facility offer customized treatments and activities? Everyone has their own interests and hobbies. The medical treatment is only one aspect of a facility. People need to also enjoy living their lives. If the social activities are the same things over and over, then those with other interests will grow disenfranchised.
  • It’s important that the facility is in constant communication with the family members of their residents. Changes in care should be discussed and the facility has to make sure that the family members of their residents understand their policies. Emergency treatment is going to be handled in a specific fashion.
  • Physical facilities are important. Many facilities aren’t strictly for memory care, so if they aren’t, has it still been designed for them? Memory care facilities specifically design them to make sure that those patients who tend to wander away aren’t able to do so. This isn’t like creating a prison, but simply providing subtle cues. Circular walking paths make for comfortable walks. Personal markers help differentiate areas and environmental cues are placed to help residents understand where they are almost instinctually.
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