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Answering Services

A professional answering service can help to keep your business running smoothly even when no one is in the office. An answering service can keep your business in the swing of things after hours, helping to inform callers of their options.

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Many businesses will set up an answering service that is available 24 hours a day to provide care and information for those calling after hours. An answering service often has many different options for callers to choose from, allowing them to decide if they should seek assistance right away, would like to leave a message, or be directed to another service. An answering service may also refer to an outsourced call center that will take and screen calls, direct callers to the right information and efficiently handle client inquiries.

Many different businesses rely on some sort of answering service to keep them informed and on-call in case of emergencies, scheduling changes or other important communication. Some of the most common businesses that utilize answering services include medical professionals, sales representatives, contractors, insurance companies, hydro companies and much more.

Common Answering Services

There are many different types of answering services to choose from, depending on what type of support is required. Some answering services screen calls, schedule appointments, provide customer support, give information and relay messages. There are a few main types of answering services to choose from including:

  • Internet answering service
    • An internet answering service is a great solution to a fast paced world. Internet answering services allows for online communication to take place increasing convenience and decreasing wait times. Many customers and businesses find that an internet answering service simplifies the communication process. A customer can easily type their issues, connect with customer service, place an order and much more.
  • Live answering service
    • A live answering service allows for the caller to speak to a live agent about their issues. The person who accepts the call will decide where to direct the call. A live answering service can determine if someone needs urgent assistance or not, and can forward their call accordingly. A live answering service is a very professional choice that can be easily customized to fit your needs.
  • Automated answering service
    • An automated answering service utilizes voice prompts to direct the caller. Automated systems are great for many different types of businesses in which customers or clients may be looking for specific information, but do not need to speak with a live agent. An automated system will use the instructions for a client to press a certain button based on the information that they are searching for. It can also be used for the caller to leave a voicemail. An automated answering service may be used to inform clients and customers about business hours, directions, general store information directory listings and more.
  • Call center service
    • A call center service can help to direct clients, customers and other information seekers to the support that they are looking for. A call center may receive inbound calls in which workers will direct the caller to the right place so that they get the service that they are looking for. Call center services can be used for many different functions including appointment reminders, cancellations, customer support, file information and much more.

Medical Answering Service

The right answering service is important, especially in the medical field. Medical answering services can help to effectively manage and prioritize patient’s concerns. A medical answering service can be customized to include the prompts necessary. Medical answering services use a personalized response template that agents will be given so that every call is handled with respect and compliance. If the call is urgent it will be prioritized and will go through to the appropriate contact person. Any messages that are left will be detailed and delivered through email, text, fax, transfer or other preferred means. A medical answering service can provide appointment scheduling, reminder services and more. Confidentiality and security is put first and the service should be compliant with the applicable privacy laws.

Small Business Answering Service

An answering service can help to elevate the level of professionalism a small business has. It can give customers a good first impression of your business. It can also help to manage information, employees, customers and potential sales leads. A small business answering service can help to keep up with growing demand especially when it comes to customer calls and the flow of information. Employing the right answering service for your small business needs can help you to gain and retain customers and clients. Customers will feel confident in your services because they are dealing with a professional and supportive business.

Answering services are the best way to simplify your customer facing image and raise your level of professionalism.

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