Apps Make Business Better -

Apps Make Business Better

Business apps have completely transformed the way that daily business is done. Productivity, efficiency and accessibility are all at the forefront of business communications today. Keep reading to find out some of business applications that can greatly benefit your company.

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There are many business applications available that can benefit a company of any size. These apps can assist with many different business functions including human resources, productivity, accounting, marketing, payroll, collaboration, scheduling and more. Business applications are a very affordable option for professional and productive tools that can take your business to the next level.

Cloud business applications function in the cloud and therefore do not take up any space on your desktop computer or mobile device. It doesn’t matter what part of your business needs work you will be able to find an application that will help you.

Cloud Business Applications

There is a cloud business solution that will help you no matter what your needs are. Some of the most popular cloud business applications include:

  • Dropbox
    • Dropbox allows you to share your business files, videos, documents and more easily. It allows you to have access to these things stored in the cloud at anytime from anywhere while keeping them secure. It allows for great collaboration, instant access and up-to-date versions of files. 
  • Asana Collaboration
    • Asana Collaboration allows employees to work together easily and efficiently. It can support up to 15 users, allowing for projects to be tracked start to finish. It keeps everyone up-to-date with changes and increases the flow of communication. Asana features rich design functionality and a user-friendly interface.
  • MailChimp Email Marketing
    • MailChimp is a very affordable and easy-to-use email marketing service. It offers third-party integration and a wide variety of email templates which allows you to save time, money and energy. You can also track your emails to find out if they are reaching the people you want them to.
  • ClickMeeting Videoconferencing
    • Videoconferencing can be a very beneficial application for businesses of any size. ClickMeeting allows you to be virtually present for meetings and presentations no matter where you are. It also features many useful collaboration tools including whiteboard tools, private chat, and the ability to share your desktop. You will also have reliable high quality calls from anywhere.

Mobile Apps for Business

The right business mobile application will depend on your needs. Some of the most popular business mobile applications include:

  • Skype
    • Skype allows you to connect with employees and clients via video chat, instant messaging and regular calls. You can also host virtual meetings with a variety of tools and features. If you are looking for an application that can keep you connected no matter where you are Skype is a solid choice.
  • OneNote
    • OneNote is a very user-friendly note-taking application that automatically will sync all of your notes to OneDrive. This means that these notes will be accessible via the cloud and will be easy to share if wanted. It can help you to stay organized and on schedule.

If you are looking to simplify your business operations while increasing efficiency, you should look at the business applications available to you.

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