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Asset Management Systems

Asset management refers to the decision making and processes involved in making and achieving company objectives. This involves the balancing of costs, opportunities, and risks against the current performance of assets.

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Asset management systems can help to keeping track of where assets are, who is in charge of them, and how to securely manage them. It can also provide you with real-time updates so that you know the status and location of your assets at any given time.  Asset management systems can minimize the life cost of assets and can allow a company to determine how to best manage their assets. 

When choosing you asset management system you will want to figure out exactly which assets that you need to track. Think about mobile devices, laptops, licenses, company phones, furniture, vehicles, products and much more.

Common Asset Management Software Features

There are many features available on asset management software including:

  • Asset sharing
  • Usage tracking
  • Asset budgeting
  • Audit trail
  • Inventory tracking
  • Barcoding/RFID
  • Tax Management
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Disposal management
  • Depreciation management
  • Keyword search
  • Collaboration
  • Brand control
  • Version control
  • Track work orders

Top Asset Management Systems

There are many different asset management solutions available. Some of the most popular and most trusted include:


  • Free 14 day trial
  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Installed- Windows, Mobile-Android Native and iOS Native
  • Ability to quickly conduct audits
  • Full service training including documentation, live online, in person and webinars
  • Customer service available online and during business hours
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • User-friendly software complete with customer service


  • Free 14 day trial
  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Installed- Windows, Mobile- Android Native and iOS Native
  • Lots of training available via documentation, webinars, live online, in person
  • Easy to connect customer service available online and during business hours
  • Track fixed assets
  • Can track full work history, usage data and cost reporting


  • Highly adaptable
  • Easy to scale
  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web, locally installed, Mobile-Android Native, iOS Native
  • Captures data using a mobile device via Wi-Fi or using an RFID gun to scan bar codes
  • Adapts to your technical environment
  • Easy training
  • Easy integration to helpdesk and ticketing software
  • Great level of customer service

Asset Panda

  • High level of customer service including online and business hours
  • Free 14 day trial
  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Mobile-Android Native and iOS Native
  • Extremely secure and reliable
  • Charges for the number of assets only
  • Tracks ghost assets
  • Reduce redundancy, loss and theft
  • Create customizable reports
  • Increase tax and insurance accuracy


  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web, Installed-Windows
  • Provides high level of training including webinars, in person, live online and documentation
  • Customer service during business hours
  • Free trial available
  • Adapts to each company’s unique business needs
  • Great solution for power and communications industries
  • Delivers a high return on investment

When choosing an asset management system for your company you should first determine exactly what assets you need to track. Then consider what features could help improve your current asset management system. Look for systems that are easy to scale, offer a high level of customer service, and provide the security you need.

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