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Baby Formula

Baby Formula is an important part of a baby's growth and development. Switching from milk to formula is an important step. Most formulas need to be mixed from either a powder or a concentrate form.

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Mixing your formula without inducing any additional contaminants is important. Being exact while mixing your formula will ensure that your child is receiving exactly the right amount of nutrition they are supposed to be getting from each dose of formula.

Baby Formula Ingredients

Baby Formulas can contain very different ingredients depending on what brand of baby formula you are purchasing. Aside from all the differing opinions each brand has there are common ingredients. Formula needs protein. Most brands use milk whey and casein for that aspect of things. Formula needs a fat. Brands use oils for their fats. Usually it’s vegetable oil as that’s generally mundane. Formula needs a carbohydrate. Most brands will use lactose for their carbohydrates as it’s something the child has been receiving already. Essentially all brands also develop a mix of vitamins and minerals meant to mimic the content within breast milk. This helps ensure that the child is not missing anything as it stops feeding from the breast.

Formula Brands

  1. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula: This organic brand made sure to contain the standard DHA and ARA nutrients that are available in breast milk so your child isn’t missing out. This brand has none of the things you want in a baby formula like steroids or hormones or unneeded antibiotics. Organic means you know it’s been grown right!
  2. Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula: This is a very vengle baby formula for children with sensitive stomachs. Pluses to this formula are the standard breast milk nutrition plus proteins and fatty acids. These additions are meant to help with brain, eye and colon development. Soft stools are a plus with any baby and this formula wants to provide.
  3. Enfamil Infant Formula: This is one of the more popular formula options out there. This formula is somewhat expensive but is considered to be the closest chemically speaking to breast milk. The formula is said to provide proper nutrition up to 1 year of growth for your baby and specializes in brain development.
  4. Nestle NIDO Kinder 1+ Powdered Milk Beverage: This formula is meant to taste good so that finicky babies won’t reject it and will drink heartily. It’s not for infants so babies under the age of 1 should avoid this formula. Nestle probably could have come up with a shorter name, but that’s an issue for their marketing department. The name is a mouthful and the flavour will hopefully lead to more than a mouthful for your baby.

Free Samples

Free Samples are commonly available from many of the brands that offer baby formula. It’s an important and expensive investment and they are more than willing to provide you with their products in order to get you continually purchasing them. Many of the brands will require you to fill out a survey to collect information or sign up for their newsletters. These are a small price to pay to try out the various baby formulas with your child to find one they really like before heavily investing in a single formula.

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