Bankruptcy Attorneys -

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy is a very difficult time. It can feel like everything is against you when you’re dealing with a bankruptcy whether it’s personal or business. During this incredibly stressful time you need someone to represent you properly.

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Someone who is going to alleviate your problems rather than create new ones. You need to find the right representation to make sure that you are protected and supported during your bankruptcy.

Things you want in a good bankruptcy lawyer:

  1. Specialization - There are so many aspects of law that it’s crucial you aim for someone who’s a specialist. By choosing a specialist you get someone who is familiar with the minutiae of bankruptcy law. It’s not to say that a general attorney won’t do a good job for you, but you need to maximize your chances of alleviating your situation.
  2. Be willing to pay - It’s a difficult thought, considering bankruptcy indicates financial trouble, but you should be willing to pay more for a better attorney. This is a situation that needs to be cleared up to allow for your financial future to be taken care of. Paying for a better attorney is more likely going to result in savings for you down the line from the bankruptcy itself. It’s possible you can get immediate relief, or full forgiveness instead of restructuring your debt in a way where you will still owe the debt.
  3. Be careful you don’t use a bankruptcy mill - A bankruptcy mill is a specific name for a law firm that will process bankruptcy cases as fast as they possibly can. This leaves little attention to the specific needs of you as the client. These kinds of firms may specialize in bankruptcy cases but they do you no favours. They aim for the average situation and merely wish to pad their numbers with your case.
  4. Make sure they are professional and courteous - Communication with your lawyer is important. If you call your firm and get the run around or are shunted to junior attorneys then the odds are that your case isn’t very important to them. You should have clear lines of communication with your lawyer where they can be reached at reasonable hours with minimal difficulty. When you look into the firm be sure to react to how you are treated by everyone from the receptionist up to the senior attorneys. If they are all professional it’s likely they are taking your case seriously and trying to give you the representation you need. Don’t confuse glitz and style for professionalism either. A fancy office is no guarantee you are dealing with professionals. Professional attitudes comes from the people not the decor.

In the end you need someone who will represent your interests. That means you need to have a certain level of comfort and trust. Cast around to your network of friends and family to see if they have suggestions. If someone you trust in turn trusts a bankruptcy attorney, they may be someone you should seek out.

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