Becoming a Driver for Uber -

Becoming a Driver for Uber

There are many people who like the concept of being their own boss. Being able to schedule your own hours is something that many people dream of.

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It lets them work a second job, or just work when they feel comfortable. Signing up for Uber or another driver related job is a great way to do just that!

Signing up with Uber or another driving company provides freedom to work when you want and get paid commensurate to the amount of work you put in. Oftentimes signing up will include a nice bonus to the new driver once they have completed a certain number of trips. Don’t like people? Food delivery programs offer a lot of the same benefits if you sign up for them. What follows are how to sign up for many of the best driving companies today!


The undisputed king of rideshare applications continues to grow its worldwide influence. Uber is the most known rideshare in the world and is close to gaining brand dominance in the way that kleenex controls naming conventions for facial tissues. Becoming an Uber driver is fairly easy. You merely need to sign up at the Uber website. After a quick check, you will be on your way as a driver. You will of course need a vehicle, insurance and a valid license.

Uber often has sign up bonuses for new drivers. These depend on what city the driver is located in. The lowest sign up bonus is around $50, but in demand cities can see a bonus of $1500 after a certain number of rides is completed. In addition there are also referral codes for current drivers. Any additional drivers they bring to the Uber family can result in a large bonus as well! In addition, Uber drivers are often guaranteed a set amount of money for their first rides. Uber will contribute the rest if your income doesn’t hit the target!


Perhaps you like the concept of Uber, but aren’t as big a fan of people. That’s where UberEATS comes into play. Signing up for UberEATS is as simple as having signed up for Uber. This become an option for all Uber drivers if they wish it. UberEATS has the drivers head to the restaurant to pick up a delivery, and then bring it where it needs to go. It’s fast and efficient. It’s also great for Uber drivers who like working during mid day periods. While people are working, they still need lunch.

Amazon Flex

Have your own large vehicle and some extra time? Amazon Flex is the perfect option for you. Unlike other driving services, Amazon Flex is all about the delivery. Most jobs are delivering Amazon products to home, but there may also be some occasional store based pickups.

Payment is hourly and tends to be in the $18-$25 range.

To sign up for Amazon Flex, you must have a mid to large vehicle and truck beds must be covered to be considered. You can apply to be a driver at the Amazon Flex website. You will undergo a background check and then your application will be approved or denied. You will be emailed the decision, but it can take a little time (up to a few weeks) before you can get started. Currently there are not a lot of sign-up bonuses for Amazon Flex. Sometimes they will offer $100 Amazon Gift Cards. Since Amazon Flex is only operating in 30 cities, they currently find they have more people requesting to be drivers than their need for them.


The main competitor to Uber is Lyft. They function in essentially a similar manner. When signing up for Lyft, it’s a bit different. You need to enter your phone number at the Lyft sign up website. From there, you do the remainder of the signup process through their app. It’s a streamlined process since the app is so important to operating as a Lyft driver.

Lyft is often generous with their sign on bonuses. Like Uber, they do depend on the region, but are typically quite high and range up to $1000. They also offer a referral program to bring in more drivers. Lyft has some big benefits to becoming a driver.


There are many delivery options now available for drivers. GrubHub is expanding and is now in over 1100 cities! In order to sign up, go to the GrubHub website and fill out their application. You will need to pass a background check and have a valid car, phone and insurance like any driver job.

You may need to hustle to find a promo code for a sign on bonus with GrubHub. Sometimes codes can be found for a $200 sign on bonus. On the plus side, GrubHub guarantees a minimum hourly wage in case things aren’t going well. This almost acts as a sign on bonus, since every driver faces lulls and times of no earnings sometimes.

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