Black Friday Shopping 2016 -

Black Friday Shopping 2016

It’s almost here! Black Friday is one of the best chances of the year to save money on large purchases. It also helps keep Christmas gift giving costs down.

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Sometimes you’ve got to spend money to save money! But what should you do on Black Friday? What’s the best way to shop?

How to best save money

  1. Have a Plan! - Black Friday usually has limited inventory. Great deals may be introduced throughout the day, but usually it’s going to be a first come, first served situation. So if you know your first target (Say, a 60 inch HDTV) is going on sale at opening, then you make sure you’re prepared to be in line for it. Outline your most important targets, and focus on those, then descend down your list.
  2. Research ahead of time - If you’re looking to make some major Black Friday purchases, then you want to be able to determine what you’re getting ahead of time. Some places will release a list of some of the items that will be going on sale. Take this preparation time in order to familiarize yourself the items in question. Also, research the close competitors in case your dream choice isn’t there. For example, if you want a specific Samsung 52 inch TV, do your research into it, but also research potential backup plans. What if something else has an even greater deal? Researching on the fly increases the potential of losing out on the item. Know your stuff going into your purchases, and you can adapt quickly to potentially even better deals!
  3. Avoid Luxury Items - Black Friday has some incredible sales. Generally the great sales do not include the highest end items. The sales tactics for high end merchandise is generally that they are aiming at the highest spending people, and those 1%ers will be able to pay the price regardless. The best deals are for mid-tier items, especially if a new model is coming out. This is where you can receive 60% to 70% off and still get an excellent item.

The Most Popular Black Friday Shopping 2016 Items

  • Televisions - Mid Tier televisions are generally among the very best items to purchase on Black Friday. These have the biggest sales and still provide great performance!
  • Tablets - Tablets often can have large markups and not really feel worth the money. With the sales on Black Friday, these come down in price to far more manageable prices!
  • Laptops - Black Friday is traditionally a great chance to get a good laptop. Again you won’t find the best deals on the highest end ones, but the mid-high end laptops are again excellent machines and ready to be purchased at a discount.
  • Video Game Consoles - PS4 and XBox One consoles will often be on sale, or have great bundles full of games. The WiiU is likely to be available at a steep discount this Black Friday with their new console having been announced.
  • Small Appliances - It may seem like small appliances are often on sale, but Black Friday is simply the best time of year to get them. Toasters, coffee makers,
  • Kitchen Accessories - This subset includes pots and pans, knives and specialist items (fondue is delicious). There are often some incredible sales on very good sets of these items available.
  • Sheet Sets - Sheets often have a rather large markup the rest of the year. Because of that, they make excellent Black Friday sale items. Companies are willing to offer them at excellent prices because they will still make a small amount.

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