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Bulk Email Softwares to Make Marketing Easy

Bulk email software is frequently used by businesses engaged in email marketing campaigns. It allows businesses to communicate with some or all members of their mailing list, including leads and customers, at a given time.

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Bulk email software is useful because it streamlines and automates the process of marketing via email. It can also be used to plan an email campaign, wherein a sequence or series of emails are sent out to members of your mailing list.

Are you looking for bulk email software? The following are some of the most popular providers of bulk email programs and applications. 

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is used by more than two million marketers at approximately 150,000 companies around the world. It allows users to access automation workflows to send personalized emails. Customizability is another unique feature. You can use an email builder tool to design emails that showcase your brand. Managing subscribers and designating different segments or categories of subscribers is another excellent feature. This software is available on a monthly payment plan which starts at $9.99 USD. First-time users qualify for a free trial of the software.


ActiveCampaign touts itself as an all-in-one marketing platform. It includes email marketing features, sales and customer relationship management automation, and marketing automation. With this software, you can send newsletters, create customized email campaigns, and connect with customers and leads. ActiveCampaign allows you to use data about your list of contacts to automate various marketing channels. The starting price for this software, which includes support, is $9.00 per month.


The SharpSpring platform enables marketing automation but with unique and flexible features. Email marketing campaigns can be created based on customer behavior. Customer relationships can be managed by your business or a third-party. Other features include customizable forms, landing pages, and easy-to-use blog builders. SharpSpring can also be integrated with a number of other applications and platforms.


Pardot offers powerful email marketing tools. Features include flexible email scheduling, template management, bounce tracking, and event-triggered email. Testing features include multivariate or split testing, click-through tracking, and analysis of spam filters. Custom reports allow you to track returns on marketing investments. In addition, Pardot allows you to gather knowledge about prospective customers in order to use the correct sales or marketing approach.


Infusionsoft is for both traditional retailers and electronic retailers. It can help you to grow your sales, especially if you are a small business. Features include auto-responders, behavior-driven email campaigns, bounce tracking, compliance with spam standards, drip campaigns, event-triggered email, and mailing frequency limits. You can keep a database of subscribers who have unsubscribed and manage and organize your mailing list.


Frederick is a type of marketing software. It uses local data to help predict the types of marketing you should use and develop campaigns. In additional to bulk email software, you can also track referrals and reviews with Frederick. At $49.00 per month, It’s pricier than other types of bulk email software, likely because it’s touted as an all-in-one marketing approach. 

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