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Business Mobile Phones

For most modern businesses, it’s inconceivable to think of operating without mobile phones for employees. Mobile phones aren’t mere telephones, as they once were. They’re smart tools for busy businesspeople—part phone, part computer, part scheduler, part personal assistant.

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This absolutely essential business tool not only makes it easy to foster communication between your employees and your customers, suppliers, and partners, it can also help you to manage your employees.  

The mobile phone industry is booming, and mobile telecommunication providers have a lot on offer for business owners. You’ll want to sit down and identify your needs and budget before you approach service providers. For instance, you’ll need to consider whether you will provide employees with mobile devices, and if so, which handsets and operating systems will you provide? If not, you will have to choose a mobile phone provider that supports a bring your own device (BYOD) set-up. Next, you’ll want to consider how many devices and/or plans you will need and the price you would like to pay on a monthly basis. What features will you need for each plan? Some common business features include VoIP, unlimited minutes, long-distance calling, texting, videoconferencing, data, voicemail, and call waiting.  

The following guide to carriers, deals, and bundles can help you to identify some of the players in the field and what you can expect to pay for business mobile phones. 

Business Phone Carriers

There are numerous business phone carriers across the United States, and to some extent the carrier you choose will depend on where you live. The “Big Four” major carriers include Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. All of these wireless phone providers offer multiple types of business phone plans. Among them, AT&T is one of the larger companies, while Verizon Wireless offers sharing plans for small businesses, individual plans, and bulk plans for larger enterprises. Sprint has several different business cell phone plans on offer, including a plan for small businesses with less than 10 employees. Finally, T-Mobile boasts the most flexible business plans among the Big Four carriers, allowing business owners to choose the services and features they want to pay for.   

Business Phone Deals

You might be able to get a deal on a business phone plan, especially if you take the time to shop around. Many service providers offer regular promotions, but you’ll need to be careful to read the fine print. In addition, you might also be able to negotiate the price with a sales agent, especially if you’re a returning customer. If you are willing to put in the time speaking to different sales associates from different carriers, you’ll likely end up in a better position to negotiate and get a better deal.

Business Phone Bundles

There’s no clear winner when it comes to business phone bundles and plans. Instead, the right plan for you will depend entirely on the specific needs of your business. Some bundles include unlimited talk and text for every number on the plan, while others have a set amount of data per mobile phone per month. Others pool data that is used by all users on the plan each month.

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