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Cell Phone Accessories

Cell phone or mobile phone accessories include hardware or software that is external to the operation of the phone itself. In some cases, cell phone accessories are designed by another manufacturer.

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Cell Phone Cases

Cell phone cases support, protect, attach to, or hold mobile phones. They’re a popular accessory, especially for smartphones, as they can greatly extend the lifetime of the phone. In addition, cases allow for additional customization or personalization of the phone. The type of case someone chooses depends on availability and dimensions such as screen size, thickness, jacks, and ports. A case that doesn’t fit properly won’t be able to protect the phone from damage.

Different types of cases include shells, holsters, skins, pouches, sleeves, bumpers, wallets, flip cases, films and screen protectors, leather cases, custom cases, and photo cases.


Holsters are usually used alone. They sometimes include rubberized padding and other materials, such as plastic, with covered corners. Heavy-duty holster cases offer shock absorption in order to protect the phone in the event that it is dropped. Holsters can attach to a belt so that the user can carry their phone with them instead of risking damage in a purse or pocket. 


Stands and standing cases help to improve the overall user experience when it comes to smartphones. Standing cases make it easier to see the phone’s screen. They may also include utilities such as a USB keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard.

Skins and Design Covers

Skins and design covers allow for style and personalization with compromising on protection. Though they may not be as heavy-duty a shock-absorbing case, their thinness makes it easier to use the phone with the case.

Custom Cases

Custom Cases are another option that allows for personalization. They may include a wide variety of cell phone case styles, but with personalized text, images, or designs. Artisans, small businesses, and companies may offer custom cases in which you are able to indicate personalized text and/or images.

Custom Photo Cases

Custom photo cases are cases that allow you to insert a photo into the back part of the case. The photo is usually protected by the same plastic that protects the phone, but in this case it can be seen through the back of the phone.

Chargers & Cables

Chargers and cables are phone accessories; however, often they are also necessities. Most smartphones are sold with a charger and a USB cable to connect the phone to a computer or another device with a USB port. Chargers can be plugged into an outlet to ensure that the phone has enough power. Different types of chargers allow for the phone to be charged through a USB port or a cigarette lighter in a car. These flexible charger options mean that you can charge your phone virtually anywhere.

Headsets and Earbuds

Headsets and earbuds make it easier for you to listen to audio on your phone or use your phone’s microphone. Headsets include both headphones and a microphone, which allows you to have a hands-free phone or video call. Earbuds are only for audio, but ensure that you can listen without having to hold your phone to your ear. 

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