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Christian Universities & Colleges

A degree from an online Christian university or college can give you the knowledge and skills you need to have a rewarding career in a wide variety of fields.

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Some of the degree options available at online Christian universities and colleges include education, Bible studies, business and more. Earning your degree online from a Christian college or university allows you to integrate your faith and Christian-based ideals with traditional education coursework. It also allows you to earn your degree from home and around your existing schedule, making it easier and more affordable than ever to earn your degree.

Best Online Christian Colleges

If you are looking to enroll at a Christian college you will want to make sure that it gives you full accreditation to work in a variety of different educational settings. You will also want to consider the following criteria: cost per semester, the student-to-teacher ratio, technical support available, academic rating, and the quality of their programs. Some of the best reviewed online Christian colleges and universities include:

  • Colorado Christian University (Lakewood, CO)
  • Liberty University Online (Lynchburg, VA)
  • Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • California Baptist University (Riverside, CA)
  • University of St. Francis (Joliet, IL)
  • Saint Leo University (St. Leo, FL)
  • Dallas Baptist University (Dallas, TX)
  • Benedictine University (Lisle, IL)

Most Affordable Christian Colleges

If you are considering applying to a Christian college or university program online you are going to want to do your research to make sure that you are getting the best value for your tuition money. You should make sure that you find out what accreditation you will graduate with so that you can begin your career upon program completion. You should also add any miscellaneous education costs to your budget so that you will have a good grasp on how much your average costs will be. A few of the most affordable Christian college and universities include:

  • Brigham Young University
  • Lee University
  • Johnson University
  • William Carey University
  • North Greenville University
  • Louisiana College
  • Luther Rice College and Seminary
  • Columbia College

Most Popular Majors at Christian Colleges

If you are considering going to a Christian college you may wonder what to major in. There are many different popular degree options available at Christian colleges including:

  • Education
    • A degree in education is one of the most popular choices available at Christian colleges. It can give you access to a rewarding and fulfilling career in education, working with students of various ages and in different settings. Earning your degree in education at a Christian college can give you access to Christian educational material and teaching practices, equipping you with the skill set you need to work in Christian schools.
  • Bible Studies
    • The most popular degrees offered at Christian colleges are often Christianity and Bible Studies. A degree in Bible Studies can prepare you for a very rewarding career teaching others about God and Christianity. Some of the careers that people with a degree in Bible Studies go on to have include pastor, Sunday school teacher, charity organizer, non-profit leader, fellowship leader, community organizer and more.
  • Business
    • A degree in business can give you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in the business world. Some of the main areas of focus that are required for earning a business degree include:
      • International Business
      • Finance
      • Accounting
      • Communications
      • Economics
      • Management
      • Marketing

If you are considering applying to a Christian college or university you should do your research. There are many programs and majors to choose from that can suit your interests and career path. Pursuing your studies online can give you control over your time, schedule, expenses and educational path.

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