Collaboration Software Increases Productivity -

Collaboration Software Increases Productivity

Collaborative software can enable projects to be worked on simultaneously by different people using supportive software. Collaborative software allows for a collective and combined work environment through the sharing, editing, processing and more on a group project.

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Collaborative software can enhance the productivity of people within an organization because people can easily coordinate and manage tasks.

Collaboration software allows users to create a workspace and workflows. This shared workspace is visible and accessible to other group users. It doesn’t matter where the other users are as long as they have been granted access privileges by the original user. Changes that are made to the group document and workflow are synchronized so that each user has the most up-to-date version of the project.

Collaboration software may have different meanings depending on the environment in which it is used. Some businesses may refer to any software that allows for collaboration to occur to be considered collaboration software, which may include email, social media applications, instant messaging, intranets, document management, workflow tools, discussion boards, texting and more. Others may believe that collaboration software only refers to software that’s sole purpose is for joint projects and workflow. Generally any software that allows for communication, sharing of information, joint work efforts, project coordination and management can be considered collaboration software.  Collaboration suites are made up of integrated tools that allow for joint collaborative efforts. They can provide a single solution for companies to help them to streamline their workflow and communication. The sharing of important information on an easily accessible platform can allow for all those who require workflow information to be able to find it a secure place. Creating a unified platform for workflow related processes including shared calendars, project deadlines, web conferencing, specified documents, group chats and more can make group work easy, efficient and productive.

Cloud-enabled collaboration software is extremely popular because the date is hosted and accessible from the host site. Some of the most common cloud-enabled collaboration software includes Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Google Drive and Microsoft Groove.

Popular Collaboration Software

When looking for collaboration software you will want to consider your needs, wants and project management goals. There are many different types of collaboration software available, each with their own features and strengths. There are many versions of free collaborative software available that may meet your needs including Google Apps suite, Yammer, Trello and HipChat. Some of the most popular collaboration software includes:

  • Asana
    • Specializes in workflow management
    • Superior task management for teams
    • Great for smaller companies and start-ups
    • Must have an internet connection to use
    • Offers the ultimate in flexibility so that it can work with the user
    • Paid version allows for greater collaboration
  • Podio
    • Includes an app marketplace full of modules
    • Can enable customized packages and pricing
    • Extremely flexible and customizable for users
    • Easy to scale as your business grows
    • Contact management tools for easy integration
  • Workfront
    • Provides top enterprise-level project management
    • Supports roles using different authentication and permission levels
    • SharePoint integration offered
    • Gives simple integration options
    • Mobile applications available to keep team members connected

If you are looking to plan, organize and manage your workflow and team, you should look into collaboration software. There are many different platforms available. Some platforms are free for basic installation and use, and others can have paid add-ons to help make them even more comprehensive. This means that you can easily scale and customize collaboration software. Once you have the right collaboration software platform employed you will wonder how you did without it.

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