Contact Lenses: See The World More Clearly -

Contact Lenses: See The World More Clearly

Contact lenses can allow you to see clearly without having to wear glasses. There are many different types of contact lenses including prescription contact lenses, dailies contact lenses, re-usable lenses, cosmetic lenses and colored lenses.

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Contact lenses can be worn to correct your vision or to change your look. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of contact lenses available.

Prescription Lenses

Corrective prescription contact lenses are used to help improve you vision.  Prescription lenses can give you freedom from glasses by correcting your vision while wearing them. Some of the prescription lenses available include multifocal lenses, monovision lenses and color correcting lenses. Not all people who wear prescription glasses are candidates for prescription contact lenses so it is important to speak with your optician about what will work for you. Make sure to purchase the right contact lenses solution for cleaning and care.

Dailies Lenses

Daily contact lenses are meant to be worn for only one day. These contact lenses allow you to have great clear vision comfortably. If you are someone who struggles to take care of their contact lenses, dailies are a great option for you. Once you are done wearing them for the day all you have to do is throw them out. You don’t have to worry about cleaning them and delicately putting them in solution every night, making your routine even easier. Look for dailies that also offer UVA and UVB protection for your eyes.

Reusable Lenses

There are many contact lenses that can be worn multiple times if you take good care of them. These lenses are also known as reusable lenses. These lenses are generally created with reuse in mind, meaning that they provide great air flow and comfort for periods of long or repeated wearing.  Many reusable lenses are created with a deposit resistant surface, helping to repel dirt and debris. Some reusable contact lenses are available for weekly and monthly periods of usage. It is very important to read the care instructions for these contact lenses so that they will remain in great condition over time. Some brands of reusable contact lenses do not need to be removed from the eye for seven days, meaning that you can sleep in them as well. Make sure to consult with your optometrist about what type of contact lenses would be best suited for your eyes and personal routine.

Cosmetic Lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses are a popular choice for those who are looking to change the appearance of their eyes. There are many types of cosmetic lenses that can help you to achieve different looks. Some of the most popular cosmetic lenses can enlarge the look of your pupil, create a ring of color around the iris, change your eye color, or add a pattern to the eye. These cosmetic lenses are great for costume parties and Halloween. Just like with normal contacts you will need to be careful placing the contacts in your eye and cleaning them. Store them in a sterile solution when not in use.

Color Lenses

Have you always wanted bright blue eyes but were born with dark brown eyes? With color contact lenses you can easily change your eye color.  There are many different types of color contacts that can give you the eye color you want instantly. It doesn’t matter if you want green, blue, brown, purple, red or black eyes you will be able to achieve it. You can choose to have vibrant colored eyes or you can choose to achieve a natural look with subtle colors. You should treat color lenses with the same amount of care as you would prescription lenses. Be sure to only wear them for the recommended amount of time and use the proper cleaning technique before wearing them.

Contact lenses can allow you to see clearly, without the bulk and heaviness of glasses. They can also be used to change up the look of your eyes with different colors and effects. Take care when putting in, taking out, and storing your contacts. Always make sure to use appropriate cleaning solution and do not wear them longer than recommended.

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