Criminal Justice Programs -

Criminal Justice Programs

Are you interested in a professional career in criminal justice? Criminal justice and criminology degrees are often the first step towards a fulfilling career in law, community service, sociology, social work, public administration, or psychiatry.

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As a dynamic field with many career paths and specialties, criminal justice programs are among the most sought-after programs in the country. And in the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a positive outlook for jobs in the field throughout the upcoming decade. Whether you decide to complete an online diploma in a criminal justice field or to pursue a doctorate program in criminology, you won’t lack for options when it comes to your future career path. 

Online Criminal Justice School

Many criminal justice schools offer online degree and training programs for professionals in the field who are seeking to upgrade their knowledge, experience, or expertise. These programs offer added flexibility when it comes to studying and courses, including the added convenience of studying in the comfort of your own home or office. Through an online criminal justice school, you can complete your coursework with only an internet connection. If you need to study part-time, online courses are often more accommodating. When you graduate from an accredited online criminal justice school, you’ll do so with a wider variety of career prospects or opportunities to advance in your current field.  

Criminal Justice Masters

Professionals in the field of criminal justice play a vital role in society, whether they work in law enforcement, forensic science, law, policy research, or homeland security. Both students and accredited professionals in criminal justice fields can benefit from undertaking studies at the graduate level through a criminal justice master’s degree. This course of study helps to hone the problem solving skills and analytical skills required to assess issues within today’s justice system. It’s also an important step towards leadership or managerial positions within criminal justice fields. Students who graduate with a master’s degree in criminal justice may choose to specialize in crime prevention, investigation, system analysis, law, counseling, terrorism, forensics, and a wide variety of other areas. In addition, hiring in the field is increasing. Within criminal justice, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 5% increase in hiring.


Criminology uses a social perspective to study crime. What causes crime? What is the social impact of crime? How do laws and politics influence crime? What is the relationship between policy and crime? Why do some people behave in illegal or deviant ways? These are just a few of the questions posed within the field. The ultimate goal of criminology is to offer answers to these questions with the hope of better understanding crimes, criminals, and victims of crime. People who study criminology, whether at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree level, may later pursue careers in fields such as law, law enforcement, public policy, social work, community development, homeland security, forensics, and many others. Criminologists are researchers who use data and experiments to try to answer the questions posed within the field.

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