Custom Jewelry -

Custom Jewelry

There are people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewelry that can be found anywhere. Sure there are great designers who make beautiful pieces, but why should we settle for something that doesn’t really represent who we are? Customizing jewelry is a way to make it feel even more special.

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It lets you better express yourself through your accessories.

Design Your Own

The ability to customize and design your own jewelry is a great experience and is now very much available online. It takes years to gain the skills of a jeweler, but it doesn’t take years to know what you like. Most custom designs online even allow you to consult and design with expert artists. Here are some of the things you can get customized.

  • Pendants - Pendants are very common options for customization as they are not linked a single traditional shape.
  • Rings - Rings can receive a solid amount of customization. True, the basic shape of the ring needs to stay pretty true to form to fit on a finger, but aside from that, you can do whatever you want with them. Almost any kind of ring can be customized. So whether you’re looking at expensive wedding rings, or making a championship ring for your fantasy football league, options are plentiful!
  • Earrings - When it comes to custom earrings, the first step is choose a style. Depending on the style will allow you how much customization you can fit in.
  • Cuff Links - Men can take advantage of custom jewelry as well. Custom cufflinks are a great way to flash style while at a formal gathering. It’s also a great way to differentiate yourself if you work in an office and are wearing a suit every day.
  • Bracelets - Due to their size, bracelets can often let you make a lot of custom changes. This will give you exactly the bracelet you want for any occasion.

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is one of the best times to get creative and try for a custom design. Jewelry exchanged between the bride and groom will be worn every day for the remainder of their lives. It’s always best for it to truly feel special and come from the heart. Cookie cutter wedding rings just don’t cut it a lot of the time!

It’s not just the rings though. Groomsmen gifts now often include custom cufflinks or custom money clips. Bridesmaids often bare custom pendants during the ceremony. There are all kinds of flair options to make a wedding moment absolutely perfect.


Engraving is a simple way to take a piece of jewelry and make it very special. Engraving is a simply process of having a small phrase, word or mark gentle inscribed into a piece of jewelry. Engraving is usually done in a location that is not exposed. For a pendant it’s the flesh side of the pendant. For a ring, it’s on the interior.

Engraving is great for truly sentimental moments. Engraved gifts are very common for graduations, childbirth and other momentous moments. Engraved jewelry allows you to always leave a message with the person no matter if life separates you later.

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