Custom Uniforms and Rentals -

Custom Uniforms and Rentals

Do you own a business in the public service, retail sector, or food industry? If you do, you may have considered employee uniforms for a variety of reasons.

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Uniforms can help to promote your brand’s image among your customers. They convey professionalism and attention to detail, while also making it easier for customers who come into your workplace to identify your staff. Of course, many businesses have safety reasons for asking employees to wear protective uniforms. In certain settings, protective uniforms and footwear are mandatory to ensure workplace health and safety is upheld.

In the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prohibits employers from deducting the cost of a uniform from an employee’s pay when that deduction prevents the employer from meeting minimum wage and overtime pay obligations. The cost and maintenance of any work-related uniform is the sole responsibility of the employer and not the employee. Employers who wish to deduct the cost of a uniform or other work-related tool from an employee’s pay cannot make deductions below the minimum wage.

Uniform Companies

There are numerous uniform companies in the United States. Some common companies include Oasis Uniforms, Cintas, Cherokee Uniforms, Aramark Uniform Services, UniFirst, WorkRite, Fruhauf Uniforms Inc., and Ico Uniforms. Choosing a uniform supplier can be complicated. You might wonder whether it’s better to go with a smaller, local company or a larger, nationwide or even international uniform vendor to supply your uniforms. Before selecting your provider you should first ask for a sample based on what you are looking for. You don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t suit your business’s image.

Next, ask if you can make alterations or changes to the uniforms styles they offer. What is the cost per uniform and are they willing to lower the price for a bulk order? Do you have to pay shipping? If your employees will be required to get fitted and purchase the uniform, is the company accessible to them? In addition, what kind of customer service do they offer? And finally, do they have a return policy?  

Uniform Rentals

Can you save money by renting uniforms instead of buying them yourself, or forcing your employees to purchase them? Many employers overlook the possibility of renting uniforms. Most large uniform companies offer uniform rental and cleaning services. Uniform rental and laundering services are generally a more cost-effective option, as a number of uniforms are laundered in an industrial setting. This takes the responsibility and cost from the employee, and many employees see this as a potential benefit.

Uniform Cleaning

Uniform cleaning services are often offered by uniform rental companies. Professional uniform cleaning services can be helpful if you require that employees wear uniforms. It also ensures that uniforms are taken care of, and that employees do not have to foot the bill for dry cleaning or laundering uniforms themselves. In addition, using a uniform cleaning service is more efficient, as all uniforms are cleaned at the same time. Before you select a uniform company, you should look into what they offer in terms of rentals and cleaning and identify whether the costs and benefits make sense for you as an employer.

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