Cyber Monday Shopping 2016 -

Cyber Monday Shopping 2016

Black Friday sales may be the headliner at thanksgiving dinner, but Cyber Monday is the delicious pumpkin pie dessert to finish it off. Cyber Monday is becoming bigger and bigger each year as more online retailers realize it’s an excellent chance to sell off inventory, and consumers realize it’s a way to save your hard earned money!

How to Best Save Money

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  1. Plan Your Purchases Ahead of Time - Generally it’s best to have some ideas of what you’re looking to purchase. Since you’re using online shopping, you can always look for more, but it’s smart to plan ahead here. This will keep you focused on the deals at hand, and help you avoid overspending on things you don’t really need.
  2. Compare prices early - It’s important once you’ve identified the items that you want to get an early idea on what the various online retailers are charging for them. Ideally see the prices 1-2 weeks ahead of time. This is because sometimes prices will be  raised up at the last minute so that they appear to be bigger sales. If a laptop is $899 two weeks before Cyber Monday, and the price is raised a few days before to $1099, is the $799 Cyber Monday price really a 300 dollar discount? Your early quotes will let you see where the real savings are coming from.
  3. Know the Online Retailers - It may seem like an odd statement, but it’s a good idea to know who you’re purchasing from. Do you need an account? Cyber Monday with potential server overflow is probably a bad time to make it. Set up your accounts early. Familiarize yourself with each retailer's delivery and return rules. In a perfect world everyone would have free delivery for everything. That world does not yet exist. So know which retailers will offer you delivery and which may have stipulations (spend $100, get free delivery, etc) so that you can save time come Cyber Monday. Ensure your vendor is reputable. There are a lot of fake web vendors set up to try and steal your information and sell it to identity thieves. Cyber Monday is a bad day for vendor experimentation.
  4. Treat it like Black Friday - If you were in line at 5am for Black Friday to make sure you got that one big item, make sure you’re using the same logic on Cyber Monday. Get logged in and ready early so that you can pounce quickly on limited inventory items. Sometimes it’s better to checkout with your limited inventory items first, and then go back for the common items, just in case there is limited time for you to keep items in your online carts.

The Most Popular Cyber Monday 2016 Items

Cameras - Cyber Monday is a great time to get that new camera you’re looking for. From novice to expert photographers, there’s something for each of you!

Computer Parts - For you techies that build your own computers, this is the best day of the year for you. Hard Drives, motherboards, cases, fans, cpu’s and ram are all usually on sale!

Video Games - Gamers rejoice in Cyber Monday. This is your chance to lead up on the titles you’ve been waiting for. You’ll find sales in hard copies, and in digital downloads!

Toys - With Christmas approaching this is one of the best days to order the cool toys for your kids. There’s no need to get into any fist fights over the last tickle me elmo. Just point and click!

Travel - Due to the amount of travel over the holidays, travel deals and purchases are often available on Cyber Monday!

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