Data Security Services -

Data Security Services

Data security is paramount for companies. All businesses need to keep their data secure so that hackers can’t use their data for their own nefarious plans. A business that never has data breaches is considered secure and trustworthy.

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Finding out and making sure that your data is protected can help both bolster your own companies reputation, but also may be a deal breaker when discussing information with clients. After all, nobody wants to go to a bank that does not have a lock on the door.

Internal Security:

Internal security provided by data security services refers to the safety of your own networks and computers for your business.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is where all of your data security services is centered under. Cyber security simply refers to the safety of your data and your computers. Your cyber security can be provided by specialized data security services offered by some pretty innovative companies out there.

Network Data Security

Network data security obvious specifically relates to your internal computer network. All businesses have networks and with mobile devices being added to them more frequently, there’s more potential for your data to be vulnerable.

Corporate Data Security

Your corporation is likely to have sensitive data that you need to keep confidential. Corporate data security services can work to provide an almost vault like situation for your data. This keeps it stored and safe behind many layers of security that require a lot of verification to ever pass. It’s an excellent data system for law offices.

Secure Dataroom

A secure data room allows any business to keep their data locked up tight. A secure data room can be on site or virtual. Secure data rooms will only give access to people who can meet all of the security requirements. This applies both online and physically. If the secure data room is actually a server farm in the building or office, then it’s going to be locked and require pass cards or fingerprint analysis to get in. Or if it’s a relatively older secure data room you may just need a key to the lock.

External Security:

There are times when your business has to comply to outside standards or outsource the security of your data to outside sources.

PCI Data Security Standards

PCI data security standards are regulated and require companies to keep their clients information safe and secret. Credit Card fraud is a serious issue in this day and age and there are lots of illegal scammers looking for credit card numbers to steal so they can purchase many items they didn’t earn. If your business conducts transactions using cards online, then you need to comply with PCI data security standards to keep the information protected. We’re classifying this as external security because you are protecting the data of other people who have confided that data to you through transactions.

Data Center Security

Data center security is classified as external security because it is offsite from your company and is there to protect against any kind of situation. Data centers or data farms are generally large complexes that are self sufficient. These complexes protect data against hackers and against natural disasters as well. A Data center will store your data securely and only allow access to limited amounts of it when request. This means that if someone does manage to make a valid request of the data center, they can’t use this as a means to access all of the data stored. They can only access the specific data requested. Think of it as a prison. If they get past the external walls, there are still many internal walls and each of the data is in its own special prison cell.

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