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Data Services

Keeping your company and personal data safe and secure should always be a main focus. There are many different services to choose from when deciding where to store your data securely, while ensuring it is up-to-date and accessible for those who need it.

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Data services allow the data to be of the utmost quality because it has been cleansed and made sense of. Data services help to give quality data in a cost-effective manner.

Data Visualization

It can be difficult to interpret data at times. With an overwhelming amount of data it can be challenging to find out what is significant and what isn’t at times. That is why data visualization can help to provide context to the data. Data visualization converts text-based data into visual patterns like graphs, charts, and other infographics. Putting data into easy to understand infographics can help provide clarity about trends and correlations that would be otherwise hidden in the data.

Data Breach

If your date is not securely protected it may be at risk of a data breach. A data breach refers to the release of important information in an untrusted environment. The data breach may be intentional or unintentional. Data may be shared with competitors, hackers and frauds. Common data that is often breached include financial banking information, personal information, trade secrets, and intellectual property. That is why it is important to hire trustworthy employees that have been properly screened. It is also important to always use a secure environment for the storage and sharing of certain files and information.

Data Security

Keeping data secure is of the utmost importance to most businesses. It keeps the data safe from manipulation, removal, theft and being breached. There are many different ways in which people can try to keep their data secure. Encryption is a popular choice for many in which their data is put into a software or hardware. Hardware-based security solutions tend to be more secure against hackers because they do not give read and write access to the data. Most types of data security will require a password, PIN and biometric technology to prevent data from being accessed by malicious users. Having a backup for your data is crucial in case the information is lost, tampered with or inaccessible. Any files, documents and data that are important should be routinely backed up. Data can also be secured using data masking. This masks the data by obscuring it from unauthorized personnel. Another way to secure data is to use a data erasure. This wipes everything that was on a hard drive or other electronic component so that when the item is done being used the confidential data is also gone.

Data Management

Keeping order of one’s data is extremely important. Data that is not entered or stored properly can have many issues. Data management is done by controlling and protecting the data. The company should have a purpose for the data and it should be mined for useful information. Data management involves all of the planning, executing, and supervision of data.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics are designed to help companies make well-informed decisions regarding their future plans based on the data that they have. Big data is often analyzed using software tools. Some of these software tools include web server logs, transaction data, clickstream data, social media and network activity and more. In this data mining, text analytics and statistical analysis are used to find data that will benefit the company. Some of the data may point toward untapped markets and or company overspending. Big data may also employ data scientists and analytics professionals to analyze the information.

Data services can effectively assist a company in finding valuable information in a large amount of data from various sources.

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