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Divorce: What Do You Do Next?

How long has it been since you felt the thrill of romance? Are you and your partner struggling to remember the last time you had joy from each other's’ company? Then maybe you need a divorce! Pencils were created with erasers for mistakes.

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Divorce is the pencil eraser for the social convention of marriage. While the concept of marriage is wonderful, it’s a flawed institution. For those people who are truly unhappy in the institution of marriage, divorce is their chance to free themselves and once again pursue happiness.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce laws are different in every state, province, country or whatever location you may be in. Because of this, and the ability to file for divorce in different locations, it’s crucial that you gain a competent and professional divorce lawyer who is going to properly represent you.

How to find the right divorce lawyer?

It’s vitally important to find the right divorce lawyer. Because of this, you should always research your potential divorce lawyers and treat it like a business. Interview the lawyers just as you would for a job opening. Ask each of your potential lawyers the questions that will be the most important to you. Make sure they are familiar with the laws in the location you are filing for divorce. Make sure that your divorce lawyer is very professional. While this may be a difficult (or wonderfully fulfilling) time for you, it’s important that your lawyer not get involved in your emotional state. When interviewing a divorce lawyer look out for unprofessional comments. At no point should a lawyer be divulging personal information about other clients. One day you could be one of the “other clients” and would you want your personal information divulged? Don’t let your divorce lawyer make promises. You are involved in a legal case, not a political debate. This is not the place for promises. This is the place for objective thought and sensibility.

Grounds for Divorce:

Different states have different rules and grounds for divorce. In order to be able to apply you need to fulfill one of the grounds. The most common one is known as “irreconcilable differences”. Essentially this states that the couple in question are incapable of living with and co-operating with each other anymore. This is so general because it can apply to many situations. In some states, this is the only option and reason you can give for filing for divorce. The grounds for divorce are important. In the case of a dispute, the filer needs to demonstrate and prove that the grounds are true in order for the divorce to progress. If they are incapable of proving that things are irreconcilable (or whatever grounds has been used for divorce) then the marriage will continue.


Legal separations are sometimes required before becoming divorced. These stipulate a certain length of time apart where you would live alone. The concept is intended to allow the two parties to determine what their lives would be like without each other in it. It’s an attempt to eliminate divorces where the two parties again become entangled in a relationship afterwards thus negating the whole point.

Divorce isn’t for everyone. But it’s for everyone who’s in a miserable marriage. There’s a concept in economics called “sunk costs”. It refers to money that’s been paid and is gone. You can’t base your decision making on sunk costs because there’s no way to return it. You have to look to the future. When considering if you want a divorce, you have to look at the time together as a sunk cost. Move forward making decisions for the future!

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