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Early Childhood Education Degrees

If you are someone who loves kids and has a desire for teaching, a degree in early childhood education may be the right choice for you. A degree in early childhood education gives you the knowledge, theory and in-class placement to be prepared for a fulfilling career teaching children.

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This allows you to be an instrumental and influential person for children during their most fundamental learning years. You can make a positive impression on children that will continue to serve them for the rest of their lives. As an early childhood educator you are not just teaching the fundamentals such as math, reading and writing, but you are also helping to form behaviors and moral guides during the child’s formative years.

A degree in early childhood education provides you the ability to teach in the classroom, partake in developing a curriculum, and provide a dynamic classroom experience for your students. As an early childhood educator you will be helping to develop a child’s language and social skills. You will also teach core subjects including math, science, art and English. You will learn to work with children of different age levels so that you will know what behaviors, attention level and retention to expect. You will develop the skills you need to ensure that your students will be successful in hitting their milestones.

Although you may have a strong background working with children through babysitting, working at a camp or being an educational assistant, formal education is necessary in order to know exactly what and how to teach students of varying ages. An early childhood education degree can give you training in childhood learning, developmental theory and classroom skills. Having a degree in early childhood education may be required for related careers, or can be a real asset to set you apart from other job seekers.

Benefits of a Degree in Early Childhood Education

A degree in early childhood education can help to open doors to new career opportunities in childcare, child education and much more. Some of the benefits of earning a degree in childhood education include:

  • Learning about child developmental milestones
    • As a child gets older there are certain milestones that they should hit in order to determine if they are where they should be in terms of language, though processing, understanding and more. You will learn how to determine if a child is achieving milestones as they should, or require extra assistance.
  • Developing relationship-building skills
    • As an early childhood educator you will need to learn to communicate with children, parents, teachers, teacher’s aids, principals and more. This communication is vital to give parents a clear understanding of how their child is doing, and what areas or subjects could use extra attention at home.
  • Gaining experience in the classroom
    • Although you can learn the basics of teaching a child in books, lectures and online course material, teaching in the classroom is something entirely different. Young children learn best through hands-on learning and interactive play, and you will gain the skills to effectively incorporate learning and play simultaneously. You will also learn how to manage a classroom, teach students of different age groups and create a positive learning environment.
  • Developing proper advocating skills
    • In the right educational environment you will learn how to be proactive in advocating for your student’s needs and welfare. You can work to improve the lives of students today and develop powerful resources and curriculum to improve and benefit future students.

A degree in early childhood education can give you the skills and knowledge to have a fulfilling and long-lasting career working with children in the education field. The degree can open many career doors for you that will make lasting effects on the lives of children and the face of education.

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