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Email Encryption

Data theft is an increasing concern both home and abroad. Thieves domestic and foreign are doing all they can to steal the data kept within your servers and infrastructure.

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It’s important to keep your data safe from beginning to end. This includes your email transactions. You want to keep your emails safe with end to end encryption.

Best Providers and Services:

  • ProtonMail: ProtonMail is pretty proud of itself and it advertises itself in a very interesting way. ProtonMail advertises the fact that it is from Switzerland as a method of implying that they are much like a Swiss Bank.  This has both positive and negative connotations though it certainly suggests they will keep your privacy. Do they do a good job? ProtonMail works through a double password system. Their key is that it’s entirely completed within their clients so there should be no one who can remote access into ProtonMail to breach both passwords at the same time.
  • is a free email offering strong email encryption. It is free, but you do need to manage your own PGP keys. PGP stands for “pretty good privacy” and PGP keys are the standard encryption keys used on the net. PGP keys are very strong encryption. This program allows you to go as hard or as light with encruption as you would like.
  • Lavabloom: Lavabloom is an interesting company. When Edward Snowden and the wikileaks situation came to light, it was the company Lavabit which had been encrypting Snowden’s material. They refused to give over their information when requested by the United States. Lavabit came crashing down as a result.  Lavabloom pays homage to the encryption history of Lavabit with their name. Lavabloom only uses one password but it has higher background encryption.
  • Tutanota: Tutanota is another email encryption service.While it has a lot of the same features that ProtonMail has, it has been around for a longer period of time. It’s established a strong reputation for trustworthiness. Tutanota has both free and paid options so it can be as strong as you would like it to be.
  • Countermail: Countermail is another email encryption service. Like many of the others it is using OpenPGP 4096 keys encryption protocol. Countermail offers one particularly unique feature. It has a USB key unlock feature. This means that your account will only unlock once you have entered the USB key into a USB drive on the device you’re trying to access the email from. It’s a unique and clever way to provide a two tiered knowledge/possession based security. When using this kind of two tiered system it requires you to have knowledge (passwords) and physical possession (usb stick) in order to access your email. While one layer of security may be breached, the other layer is safe.

There are a lot of options for email encryption. There’s options for experts who want to customize and provide their own encryption and there are options for the light users who only want a more secure email than your standard gmail or msn options.

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