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Event Registration

If you are planning an event you will want to have some sort of event registration process in place. Event registration refers to tracking invited guests, attendees, applicable payments and much more.

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There are many different types of event registration processes used including email registration, social media registration, paper registration, phone registration, in-person registration, event registration software and more. The type of registration that you use for your function will depend on your needs, preferences and budget. Event registration can be utilized for many different events and functions including conferences, weddings, meetings, concerts and more. Keep reading to find out about event registration software and how it can help you manage your next event.

Event Registration Software

Event registration software can make the process of tracking who has registered much easier. There are many different types of registration software available that can help to simplify, automate and confirm aspects of the event. Many types of registration software have features that will accept payments online and create an attendee database. Registration software varies greatly in pricing depending on the features that the software offers. If you do not plan events very often and you only need basic features such as online payment, you will only require a basic type of registration software. If you are routinely planning events and have a large attendee list you should look for a more comprehensive registration software package. Registration software may charge monthly billing, per process fees or one-time activation fees. Event registration software may be deployed in a few different ways including desktop, network or be cloud.

You can easily find the best registration software to meet your needs and budget if you determine your core priorities and shop around.

A few of the most common features of registration software includes:

  • Attendance management
  • Calendar management
  • Online registration
  • Onsite registration
  • Self-check in portals
  • Payment processing
  • Social media integration
  • Form builder
  • Contact management
  • Catering management
  • Travel management
  • Accommodation management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer database
  • Marketing management
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile applications
  • Secure environment
  • Email marketing
  • Print tickets
  • E-invitations
  • Referral tracking

The right event registration software can easily take your event to the next level. It can give you the tools and features you need to track your attendees, process payments and properly plan your event. Event registration can help to give you a good idea of the amount of people planning to go to your event allowing you to plan food, seating, entertainment, security, accommodations, transportation and more. Event registration tools are a good way to gage the success of an event and to look for ways to improve in the future. It will also give you a detailed database of customer information that you can utilize for marketing efforts and feedback.

Popular Event Registration Software

Once you have decided what your event registration needs are you will want to look for the right event registration software. You can choose from basic and budget-friendly packages, or premium event registration software that streamlines all aspects of event planning. Some of the most popular event registration software includes:

  • Regpack
    • Regpack is a broad event registration software that allows you to control many aspects of your event. Some of Regpack’s features include automated email communications, social media promotion, ticketing, travel management, registration tracking and overall attendees. You can also easily manage online payments using credit cards and multiple currencies. Regpack also offers a free demo for you to try and gives you access to 24/7 customer support.
  • XING Events
    • If you are looking for a simple to use event management software XING Events might be right for you. You can easily create an event website, promote your event and receive real time performance data. XING Events also secures payments, gives you a professional ticket shop and processes cancellations. You can try XING Events for free to see if it is the right fit for your next event.
  • EventPro
    • EventPro is an event registration software that offers many great features so that your next event will be a success. EventPro has many important features including customer relationship management, shared booking calendars, virtual assistance and more. EventPro can seamlessly integrate all aspects of your event including staffing, communications, marketing, sales, invoicing, travel and accommodations,budgets and more.

Create a list of what you are looking for in event registration software so that you can find the best one to elevate your next event. You can also test out many different types of event registration software for a free trial period. This way you can find the best match for your event registration needs without any commitment. Event registration software can help you to take charge of your next event by seamlessly integrating all aspects of your event into a centralized hub.

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