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Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email is still one of the most common forms of communication. Though it hasn’t been around for nearly as long as the telephone, it has quickly become an essential tool.

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These days, businesses and individuals would have difficulty functioning without email, even in the days of social media platforms and smartphones.

Email marketing is a type of marketing that targets leads and audiences through email, as the name suggests. Broadly, it refers to any email ever sent to a potential customer, even those that are seemingly not selling anything at all. The goal is to foster brand awareness and increase revenue, whether by indirect or direct methods. Emails used in an email marketing campaign might include company news and updates, advertisements, promotions, offers, and links to affiliates or blogs.

Advertising with Email Marketing

These days, people are constantly getting inundated with interruptions, sales pitches, and advertisements. That’s why in recent years, email marketers have chosen to take a subtler approach. The goal is to develop a relationship with clients over time as opposed to making a quick sale. The best email marketers are all too aware that inundating a potential buyer with pushy sales pitches is only going to tempt that person to unsubscribe from their mailing list—a lost opportunity.

Instead, advertising through email marketing must be carried out in a thoughtful way. It’s more about connecting with the person on the receiving end and providing them with content that’s useful to them—making them more likely to ascribe value to your brand. This is a long-term commitment which takes careful planning and a dedicated strategy.

In the broadest sense, advertising with email marketing can include emails that aren’t directly trying to sell your products. These might include links to blog posts, links to download free e-publications, links to relevant content or articles on the web, invitations to free webinars, newsletters, or personalized letters. More direct methods of advertising through email marketing might include promotional offers, links to new product or service offerings, sales pitches, and any email content that carries the goal of trying to get the recipient to purchase a product or service.   

Email Automation

One of the unique advantages of email marketing is that the process can be automated for each subscriber. For instance, when someone subscribes to your mailing list, you should send them a welcome email, perhaps with additional information about your company or brand and a link to popular articles or content on your site. You can and should personalize this message. By using an automated email campaign, you can create a collection of customized templates that can be sent to subscribers at various intervals, perhaps leading up to a message with a sales pitch or promotional offer. In addition, with the help of an email content management system, you can choose to send emails to all of your subscribers at the same time. As a result, you get the advantage of having customized emails without having to write a unique email each time.  

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