Find Affordable Assisted Living Facilities Across the Country -

Find Affordable Assisted Living Facilities Across the Country

As people age, it’s undeniable that many do need some assistance. The body breaks down physically or mentally and people aren’t able to live as independently as they once did.

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This shouldn't be looked upon with shame, but rather as an opportunity. There are many assisted living facilities out there that are available options for the elderly as they transition to a different phase of their life.

The issue for many people when they consider assisted living facilities is the cost of living in one. However, there are many affordable options that will assist in all the necessary aspects of life that an elderly tenant is no longer capable of performing on their own. By living in an assisted living facility, people can live a better quality of life than they could otherwise on their own, or relying on their family members.

Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

If there weren’t a large amount of benefits associated with choosing an assisted living facility, then these facilities wouldn’t exist. Assisted living makes a huge difference in the quality of life for many people.

  • Maintain Independence - Some people feel that assisted living facilities are the opposite of independent. However, the truth is that for many people, the alternative is a live in companion or family. Assisted living allows a person the maximum amount of independence it’s safe for them to have.

  • More Free Time - The elderly often have an appreciation for their time. If they have less remaining than they did as they were young, they wish to spend it wisely. Assisted living helps provide that time by quickly taking care of chores and acts that might require a long time to perform at home. There’s also no need to perform extended maintenance on the residence. These things are taken care of. Whether it’s struggles with eating, dressing oneself or bathing, things move quicker and can allow the resident more time to enjoy their life.

  • Social Adventures - When it comes to assisted living, there is almost always social events planned to allow a person to meet their fellow residents. By living in these communities, it lowers the potential to feel isolated or lonely.

  • Adaptability - One great thing about an assisted living facility is that it can adapt as a person’s needs adapt. If a condition deteriorates, then more assistance can be provided. Conversely, if a person recovers from a medical issue, they can reduce the assistance that is needed.

  • Privacy - While an assisted living facility isn’t a person’s own home, it can feel like one. It maintains that familiar feeling of living in your own home that a nursing home can’t deliver.

  • Affordability - Nursing homes are very expensive facilities to have a room in. Thankfully, assisted living facilities are a more financially valid option. Another great aspect of affordability is that many health insurance plans and veterans programs allow for subsidization or assistance of any costs of an assisted living facility.

Reputable Assisted Living Facilities in the United States

There are many facilities in the United States that have been developed to assist with the needs of their residents. In addition to general facilities, there are also those which have been designed in order to provide specialized care for people with issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. There are good facilities located throughout the country. Finding one locally is quite possible. Here are some reputable and quality assisted living facilities:

  1. Brookdale Camino del Sol - Arizona - Brookdale assisted living facilities are located throughout the United States. The Camino del Sol facility is a great example of their quality.

  2. Kirkwood Orange - California - This facility is well known for being both beautiful and clean. The staff especially is known for their patience and care, making it an ideal location for residents with memory issues.

  3. Forwood Manor - Delaware - This facility is known for being one of the most beautiful of its type. Many people have stated that it’s just like moving to a new apartment and can be completely made like home.

  4. North Star Retirement Community - Idaho - North Star is another beautiful assisted living facility. The social area allows for many people to get to know other residents and feel like a part of a true community.

  5. Cardinal Retirement Village - Ohio - This assisted living facility is very large, while maintaining a good staff to resident ratio. It’s an excellent example of what an assisted living facility can be.

The people at “” regularly put out a list of assisted living facilities that meet high standards in the industry and through user reviews. This can be a great place to start looking for a reputable facility near you.

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