Find Song Lyrics and Tabs Online -

Find Song Lyrics and Tabs Online

Musical talent is something that people love to have. Whether they are shredding on an electric guitar or they are playing classical pieces on a grand piano, there’s a kinship among musicians that’s unlike anywhere else.

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The joy of music isn’t just in playing it, but enjoying the music and lyrics of others. However, there’s often arguments over the lyrics that people hear. Alternatively, people may want to play songs that have been created by someone else. You need the song tabs and you need the lyrics if that’s something that interests you.

When looking on the internet, there are many different places that make song tabs available. This makes playing music much easier than it would otherwise be. It’s typically possible to find different websites or sources of lyrics and tabs. What follows are some advice on finding song lyrics and tabs online.

Methods for Finding Song Lyrics and Tabs

The easiest way to find some song lyrics or tabs is to simply use an internet search engine. A quick search will usually offer up some websites that have what you want. It’s important to try to find a reputable option from these searches. The problem is that many are known to have some malware or other potential safety concerns waiting on them.

Most music fans are social creatures. Getting involved with similar groups in social media is a good way to get some tabs or some recommendations on locations or websites with the lyrics and tabs that are of interest. They may also have many in their own forums or website as well.

Another great way is to look into the various apps that may be available for a smartphone or tablet. Many of these have huge varieties of tabs, or the lyrics to any song. There may be a cost associated with some of the apps, but if it’s all of the information that’s needed in one place, it’s probably worth it!

Popular Websites for Song Lyrics and Tabs

There are seemingly an endless number of websites on the internet and it can be difficult to filter through them at times. What follows are some of the best websites for finding what you are after.


Chordie is an excellent website for people who are specifically looking for guitar resources. Their song library, chords and tabs are quite extensive. Furthermore, if you can’t find what you need on Chordie, you can search the internet through it for the song tab you’re looking for.

In addition to finding all the tabs you could possibly want, Chordie features a huge community of other guitar players. This makes it one of the largest tab websites out there. This is a benefit, but it can also backfire occasionally. Since it’s such a large community, sometimes the tabs posted aren’t accurate. Much like wikipedia, anyone can post, so sometimes when downloading tabs, you might hit on a lemon.


Songbay is a website that’s only intended for song lyrics rather than song tabs. It has a wide selection of lyrics for people to search through. Songs range from the old and classic to the newest ones.  

Songbay also has another interesting feature. It allows people to buy and sell lyrics online! This is an incredible resource for aspiring songwriters and musicians. Bands starting out may not be great at writing songs, but be very skilled at playing music. This can allow them the resources to explore their abilities in a legally responsible way!

Ultimate Guitar

This is a website that offers up a huge number of song tabs for people interested in them. Ultimate guitar is fantastic and has a huge number of contemporary songs. The accuracy of this website tends to be a little bit higher than that of Chordie, which makes it more useful.

In addition to the normal tabs available, there’s a whole host of musical reviews, news and interviews with some of the big hitters in music. This makes Ultimate Guitar more than just a tab website. It’s a full service source for music information. Really, no matter what you want to do musically, Ultimate Guitar can help you.


This website doesn’t work for apple users. It’s purely for windows users only (The use of Adobe Flash can be quite annoying for them) but they have an incredibly huge collection of guitar song tabs online. It features a lot of the standard learner stuff like Zeppelin or ACDC, but also has some really obscure stuff as well.

In addition to guitar tabs, Songsterr also has tabs for other instruments. Mostly they are for the bass or drums, but sometimes more obscure tabs can show up. Another benefit is that songsterr tends to keep the ads to a minimum, so the user experience is better than some of the other options out there.

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