Finding The SUV For You -

Finding The SUV For You

Sport utility vehicles (SUV) have become one of the most common vehicles on the road today, and most of the people driving them have very little to do with sports.

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SUVs are a popular vehicle choice for many reasons including their size, style and overall performance. SUVs are also extremely versatile, with many different seating and storage options to choose from.

Types of SUVS


A full-size SUV is the largest SUV to choose from. It offers the most seating for passengers and can store away the most stuff. Full-size SUVs are the most expensive due to their size and handling capabilities. They are also good to use for towing.


A mid-size SUV is a great purchase for families or dog owners because you can easily fit passengers and cargo. The mid-size SUV is good for all of life’s daily tasks including grocery shopping, driving kids to and from events, and doing errands around town.


A compact SUV is the smallest model of SUV available and one of the most popular. They offer many of the same features as a full size SUV minus the towing capabilities and size.


Crossover SUVs are one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive industry. A crossover SUV offers the look of an SUV, but the handling and size of a car.

How to Choose the Right SUV for You


It can be tempting to go in and look at cars based on the price you see on commercials and in advertisements, but you might be shocked when you see what the actual cost is for the loaded model shown. Make sure to choose an SUV that is within your budget and choose the best add-on features to meet your needs. Many entry level SUV models start at $20,000 and loaded luxury models can cost upwards of $100,000.


Safety is one of the utmost concerns for drivers and for good reason. Unfortunately car accidents happen, and knowing that you are in safe vehicle can help give you peace of mind before heading out on the road. Look for safety features including side airbags, a review camera, lane assist and Bluetooth.


When shopping around for an SUV make sure to try out a few different models before signing for one. Try out the front and back rows of seating to make sure that there is enough room for all of your passengers to sit comfortably. There are many different add-on options to help make you even more comfortable including leather interior and heated seats.

Fuel Economy

Saving money at the pump is a simple joy for a driver, and by selecting a fuel efficient SUV you can also feel that joy. Compact and mid-size SUVs are available with a 4 or 6 cylinder engines, and full-size models are often equipped with a V-8 engine. Make sure to shop and around compare fuel efficiency of different models to make sure you are getting the most miles for your dollar. You may want to look into diesel models if you drive often or far distances.

An SUV can give you the room of a minivan, the performance of a truck, and the comfort of a sedan. Options and add-ons can help you to tailor your SUV to meet your wants and needs with ease. Make sure to read reviews about the SUV you are considering purchasing to make sure it is well-loved and recommended off the lot as well.

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