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Focus your Mind!

There is nothing quite like the taste of an energy drink. There are many different energy drinks available, each formulated with different ingredients to help keep you focused and feeling full of energy.

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Most energy drinks contain caffeine, amino acids, sugar, carbonated water and more. Energy drink available in many different flavors and sized cans. Many energy drinks are available in packs of four. Energy drinks are widely available at most convenience and grocery stores. Keep reading to find out more about popular energy drinks.

Full Throttle

Full Throttle is an energy drink that can help to restore mental alertness for a period of time. You can find Full Throttle in tall cans that are 473 ml (16 FL OZ). It is made by Monster Energy. You can also find sugar-free variants of Full Throttle. It is available in different flavors including citrus, blue agave flavor, red berry flavor, and more.

Monster Energy

Monster Energy drinks are one of the most popular brands of energy drinks on the market.  Monster Energy drinks are available in 16 FL OZ cans. Some of the main ingredients found in Monster Energy drinks include carbonated water, citric acid, taurine, ginseng, caffeine and more. Monster Energy has over 30 different drinks available including Import, Rehab, Java Monster, Ultra, Extra Strength, Muscle Monster and more.

Red Bull

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink. It was originated in 1987 in Austria. Red Bull contains caffeine, taurine, B3, B5, B6 and B12. It is available in sugar-free formulations that use sweeteners including aspartame and acesulfame K. Red Bull is also available in various editions including the Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Lime and Summer edition. These drinks infuse the beloved Red Bull energy drink with different flavors including blueberry, lime, kiwi, tropical fruits, orange and cranberry.

MiO Energy

MiO Energy is a tiny liquid concentrate that you can easily add to you water. All you have to do is squeeze a few drops into a glass or bottle of water. Stir or shake Mio Energy into your water for a flavorful energy drink. MiO Energy can help to give you a boost in energy level because it contains caffeine and B vitamins. Some of the most popular flavors of MiO include Wicked Blue Citrus, Black Cherry, Tropical Fusion, Green Thunder, Strawberry Pineapple Smash, Acai Berry Storm, Iced Vanilla Java and Iced Mocha Java.


5 Hour ENERGY is a powerful energy shot that can quickly boost your energy level and mental alertness.  5 Hour ENERGY shots only contain four calories and zero sugar. It has the same amount of caffeine as your average cup of coffee. It is non-carbonated and has a caffeine-free version. 5 Hour ENERGY is very easy to take while on the go because of its convenient size. It contains a wide variety of vitamins including B6, B12, B3, B9. It is also has caffeine and select amino acids.

An energy drink can help you to wake up early, get through a long day, or give you an afternoon pick-me-up. There are many different flavors of energy drinks to choose from including fruit-flavored, soda-flavored or coffee-infused. Make sure to only drink the recommended amount of the energy drink a day to achieve the best results.

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