Funeral Costs are High: Be Prepared -

Funeral Costs are High: Be Prepared

One of the most difficult time in a person’s life is when they have to plan and execute a funeral for a loved one. There are so many details that go into it.

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Combined with the emotional distress that the planner is likely going through, funeral planning is one of the most difficult things that can occur in a person’s life.

The goal of this article to to make everything a little bit easier. It will go over the basic actions a person will need to perform upon the death of a loved one when they need to preside over a funeral. This difficult time doesn’t need to be more difficult. The good news is that funeral parlors and people who are experts in these matters understand the difficulties and are always very supportive. The bad news is that funerals are quite expensive. Preparing for them is important.

The 6 Steps to Handling a Funeral

  1. Discuss Wishes Beforehand If Possible
  2. Meet with Funeral Parlor
  3. Make Cemetery Arrangements
  4. Notify Attendees
  5. Hold Funeral
  6. Handle Estate and Financial Matters

The 6 Steps Explained

If it’s possible, it’s important to discuss funerary plans with the potential deceased before death occurs. This is more likely with people who are elderly and have made some plans. However, many adults have made plans about their future. Arrangements may have already been made with different funerary houses or for housing of the body. It’s good to know a person’s wishes beforehand, for both formal and informal wishes. Funerals are expensive. Many people will have taken care of the costs before their passing, so as to not leave a burden on their loved ones.

Meeting with the funeral parlor can be difficult. Something about the meeting makes the situation seem more real than it does otherwise. However, it’s important to meet with the funeral parlor as soon as possible to ensure that there is a quick resolution to things. Any viewings or funeral services should be discussed. Pricing can also be discussed, as minor details can make a big difference in the costs of the event.

From there, it’s time to make plans for cemetery arrangements. The deceased wishes are important here. Obviously if the person wishes to be cremated, then this part can be skipped. But even then, plans for the ashes would need to be made. Some may wish to have them spread out in special places. Others may want to have them placed in a special urn. Funeral plots are very expensive. They can be purchased and paid for during life for a moderate to low monthly fee, or bought outright.

Eventually it’s time to notify people of the funeral. Funeral announcements used to be made in newspapers. It’s far more common now for people to have funeral announcements be placed online, and passed through social media to friends and family. Many people still wish to pay for an ad in a newspaper obituary column as a tribute to the deceased.

Eventually it’s time for the funeral. The process may take a few days. There are several different ways for a funeral to be held. Most common is to have a viewing of the body, followed by a service, then eventually a burial service. The price of all of these services will probably run between $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the plans and programs decided.

Finally, when that is complete, it’s time to handle the financial and estate issues that occur when a person passes on. It can often be more difficult than people realize. Financial institutions need to be notified, the death certificate needs to be reviewed and other services need to be cancelled. This can be a very difficult process. If things are well planned out and there’s money left over, it may end up covering the costs of the funeral.

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