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Garage Door Repairs

The average person may be able to do some basic garage door maintenance and repairs. But other times, it’s better to leave garage door inspections and repairs to the professionals.

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A visit from a professional should include an inspection of all garage door components, as well as routine maintenance and adjustments to spring tension, door lubrication, chain and belt tension, and limits and force adjustments. Depending on the required adjustments and the professional you call, this service can cost you between $148 and $325.

Common Garage Door Issues

Most service calls for garage door repairs are based on a handful of issues. The following are among the most common:

  • The garage door is stuck. There are a variety of reasons why a garage door stops moving altogether. You should first check to make sure the garage door’s movement sensor is not blocked or obstructed. The garage door opener may have run out of power, but this problem can be easily remedied by changing the batteries. Depending on the type of garage door opener and system, a blocked track can get in the way of the door’s movement. A wheel track obstruction should be fixed by a professional. 
  • The garage door moves unevenly. This problem can signal issues with the spring or track. Obstructions to the spring should be assessed by a professional in order to avoid injury. Alternatively, a blocked track can cause uneven movements.
  • The garage door is too loud when it moves. A garage door that grinds, squeaks, or screeches when it’s opened or closed may be a sign of a lack of lubricant or the accumulation of debris, dust, or dirt on the tracks. Remove any debris, and coat the track in lubricant to see if the sound goes away before you try calling a professional.
  • The garage door closes very quickly. If your garage door appears to fall quite quickly or bounce and shudder as it closes, it may be a broken cable or chain. This repair requires the expertise of a professional. It may cost you up to $200 in installation fees and materials.
  • Other common garage door issues. Other garage door issues may include broken door glass, damage to the door, roller replacement, hinge replacement, and circuit board replacement. These repairs are generally inexpensive, though.

Garage Door Styles and Costs

Garage doors are typically chosen according to the look of the house. When it comes to repairs, the type influences the total cost. Whether or not you chosen your garage door or the previous homeowners did, it’s a good idea to understand the basic garage door styles and their unique advantages and disadvantages.

  • Sectional. This is the most common type of garage door. It consists of several rows of horizontal panels that are attached with hinges.
  • Carriage. Carriage-style garages have an appearance that mimics the doors of old carriage houses.
  • One-panel. One-panel garage doors consist of a single panel that swings upward when it is opened. They are popular in the south and southeastern United States. 

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