Get Clean Using Body Wash -

Get Clean Using Body Wash

Despite what television commercials might have you think, the most important thing about Body Wash is not a man riding shirtless on a horse. Body Wash is used in almost every household and has become the most common shower hygiene tool after trusty shampoo.

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Body wash has evolved from a niche item to a mandatory own and it’s important to look into the reasons for it, and go over the benefits.

A lot of people refer to body wash as “soap”. In reality, there is zero soap within body wash. Body wash technically has more in common with dish or laundry detergent than with soap. This is because the base of any body wash is water, and a detergent type. After that there are many additives that can be included to allow for a body wash to perform more actions.

What are the benefits of body wash?

  1. Moisture - Because they are not made using traditional soap, body washes can provide a large amount of moisture to dry skins. Traditional soap will dry out skin and creates dead cells. This is because soap contains residual sodium from the creation process. If you’ve ever seen a slug that’s had salt placed on it, soap is essentially doing this to skin over a long period of time. 
  2. pH-balance - While soap is partly made of an acidic fat or acid, it’s not actually acidic. After soap is created, it’s actually over-balanced and becomes an alkaline creation. Alkaline or basic substances can be just as bad as acids and therefore sometimes that’s not well received on the skins of people.
  3. Versatility - A lot of body washes can be targeted towards specific groups of people. Men have more hair. Sometimes far too much hair. But because of this, body washes can be designed for both hair and skin. This makes them convenient, especially for men going to gyms or travelling. It’s far easier to carry one bottle of body wash that will service all of their hygiene needs than to carry one of everything. In comparison, soap has essentially the same chemical substance as all other soaps. While some may claim to be different, the differences are often minimal to none with the exception of the scent the soap provides.
  4. Travel - A bar of soap is what it is. Once it’s wet it is not good for movement until it dries out once again. This isn’t convenient for people on the go. If you don’t like the complimentary hotel soaps, bring your own body wash!
  5. The Scents - Oh my the scents! Body wash has gained popularity from being able to provide a wide variety of incredibly nice smelling cleaning agents.
  6. Exfoliating - Body wash can contain additional scrubbing beads within the body wash that will help scrub away the dead skin cells of the epidermis. Soap tends to create dead skin cells due to its drying nature.

All nifty advertising campaigns aside, body wash is incredibly useful and a must need hygiene product these days. Find the ones that do the things you need. Enjoy the wonderful smells that so many of them contain and evoke. Ride that horse without a shirt on!

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