Golf Trip Destinations -

Golf Trip Destinations

Golfing will always be a fun sport. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, a day out on the links should be a relaxing, almost cathartic, experience.

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Despite this, eventually you get the urge to try something new. The world is full of courses, and you can experience the ones you want! It just means you need to do a little travelling. A golf trip is fantastic. You can golf 18 to 36 holes per day, or keep it light and enjoy the rest of the area as well.  They are a fantastic vacation option for golf fans and will let them see things they never thought they would.

Places to go for golf trips

There are a lot of great options on potential golf vacations. Generally they are warm weather options so as to allow golfing throughout the year. But that’s not always the case. Here are some of the best places in the world for your golf trip.

  • San Francisco and the Bay Area - A beautiful area that has some breathtaking courses. In addition to the world class courses, there is a high end public course setup. Yocha Dehe Golf Club is consistently ranked at the top or near the top of public courses in the nation. With big elevation changes, forests and sea, there are courses for any player. In addition, when you’re not on the links you have access to world class food, art and entertainment. It’s a great golf trip for everyone, but one you can bring your family along with for the rest of the time.
  • Scotland - If you’re okay with international flights, golfing Scotland is the kind of thing that you will remember for your entire life. With courses like Royal Troon and Carnoustie to be played, there’s arguably more world class courses per capita than any other country on earth. The courses tend more towards links style courses, but that fits with the rolling hills of the region.
  • Phoenix and Scottsdale - Once again a warm weather destination that allows you to play multiple world class courses. The Players Championship at Scottsdale is one of the marquee PGA events and you could get out there on the course to either watch or play at a different point in the year.
  • Orlando - To be fair, all of Florida is pretty fantastic for golfing. Between the aging retirement community and the weather, there is a lot of demand for golf. It’s tempting to feature Sawgrass and the island green on the 17th hole. But that’s near Jacksonville, and while it’s a magnificent course, Jacksonville doesn’t have the sheer volume of incredible courses Orlando does. This is another opportunity for a family vacation/golf trip combo. The Disney World courses are world class. If your family likes the idea, you can play 18 holes in the morning, and meet up with the kids in the afternoon for dinner..
  • Michigan - Alright, we’re out of the warm weather locales, so this trip will need to be during spring through fall. But Michigan sports a surprisingly diverse and high scale course list. There’s two main regions that specialize in courses. In the north of Michigan and in the southwest of Michigan. You can take your pick of the areas to suit your needs. Michigan is a great “budget” option as prices are typically less than the other locations on this list for both travel and green fees.

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