GPS and Car Electronics -

GPS and Car Electronics

The right car electronics are the difference between an ordinary ride and an extraordinary ride. Though you can’t change your car, you can upgrade your electronics to improve navigation, sound, and visibility.

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Whether you’re looking for the ultimate audio system to help you enjoy your morning commute or a GPS so that you don’t have to stop and ask for directions on your next epic road trip, the following car electronics can help.

Car Audio

When it comes to car audio, the factory speakers in most vehicles can get the job done. Of course, for sound enthusiasts and music lovers, factory speakers simply aren’t enough. If you want to make the windows of your vehicle shake, installing a car audio speaker upgrade is the only way to do it. Brands such as Pioneer, Kicker, JBL, Alpine, and Kenwood offer a wide variety of car audio products—including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and decks—to fit your budget as well as the size of your car. 

In-Dash Video Receivers

In-dash video receivers allow you to connect to a smartphone, USB key, iPod, or other electronic device. They may also include built-in GPS navigation, satellite radio, a DVD/CD player, AM/FM tuner, Wi-Fi access, and a Bluetooth connection. The top video receivers also include safety features such as lane guidance, hands-free calling, and junction view. You can install an in-dash receiver into any vehicle. Other video receivers feature DVD players that can be installed in the back of your vehicle to entertain your children while you’re on the road.


It’s difficult to imagine how people got around before global positioning systems (GPSs) were invented. Whether you’re staying in your own city or taking your vehicle on a road trip, a GPS is an ideal addition. Today’s GPSs include a range of smart features. You can program frequent destinations such as home and work, avoid traffic or congested routes, and find your way easily and safely with voice-guided directions. Most GPSs also have a touch screen. They can be installed in the dash of your car. Popular brands that manufacture GPSs include TomTom and Garmin. Both offer preloaded maps for local and international destinations. Selecting a GPS that also features Bluetooth allows you to make hands-free calls through your device to inform others if you’re on the way or running a few minutes late.


Dashcams are a new addition to the in-car electronics roster. A dashcam is a miniature camera that you mount on your windshield. The camera provides real-time surveillance of the area around your vehicle, which is recorded to a memory storage device, such as a memory card. Installing them takes a few minutes, and they don’t require a lot in the way of maintenance but they can certainly come in handy protecting your vehicle. In addition, they’re also incredibly useful for insurance and legal reasons. If you ever get into an accident, you have live footage of what happened. Finally, some people use dashcams to capture difficult or challenging driving conditions or routes.

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