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Graphic Design School

Graphic design is where the majority of people with artistic talent gravitate towards. There will always be a place for people studying fine arts, but the demand for graphic designers is incredible.

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Graphic design is responsible for the vast majority of modern icons that we recognize. Logos are a company’s brand and it’s important that each company have a logo that represents them. A good graphic designer can see the company and help design that icon for them. Graphic designers do so much for advertising and for web pages. With the dozens of types of animation available through technology, graphic designers are at the forefront of that medium. Graphic design is a potential career with huge expansion potential. If you are creative and have always had a flair for the artistic then this is a great opportunity for you. With all of the online options available, it’s not necessarily required to quit your career to start this up. It can be done alongside your career work.

Online Graphic Design School

Graphic design is mostly a technical skill requiring computers to fully explore. Because of that, it is an excellent option to take as an online student. When you choose an online graphic design school you will usually work toward a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in graphic design. Sometimes it may be a Bachelor of Science depending on the additional classes taken with the graphic design.

Some of the best online graphic design schools are:

  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Once again this course is fully online. The classes can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection able to log in to the institute’s website. There is a strong support staff available with this course. In addition to course counselling and tech support, there is a full career team available. They can help you take the courses necessary to be successful and the next level, which is what most people are hoping for.
  • Full Sail University - Full Sail University may not be the most recognized, however it’s actually got an excellent reputation within the media stratosphere. Full Sail offers a Bachelor of Science in graphic design. The courses are 100% online and intended for modern workers. Once you sign up you can concentrate (or major) in several fields. You can focus on Print and 2D graphic design, motion graphics (animation) or interactive design. Since this is an online course it can be completed in less than the standard time if you work quickly. Approximately half of the graduates of this course finish in only 32 months!
  • Savannah College of Art and Design - Unlike the others on this list, this college has a payment plan that is per semester instead of per credit hour. This means that if you are going to attend this school you should make sure you are doing so seriously. While this may not work for everyone, the concentrated studies will allow you to potential absorb more information quickly than if you were stretching out your online degree. This school allows students to pick up free software that can be necessary for their courses or may just be useful in their day to day lives.

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