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Handbags, also known as purses, are a practical and stylish fashion accessory. Not only is a handbag designed to carry everything from your wallet to your smartphone to your keys, it’s the perfect item to complete an outfit.

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Designer handbags come in a huge range of styles and can be made from a variety of materials. Here are some of the most popular handbag styles available today.

Baguette Bag

This style refers to a medium-sized handbag that is relatively long lengthwise. The bag’s strap is small, permitting the user to wear the bag over her shoulder so that it rests next to the torso. Baguette bags may be secured with a fold-over flap that has a clasp or other attachment.

Bowling Bag

This style was originally designed to carry bowling gear. However, it has since evolved into a chic handbag style in its own right. Bowling bags usually have a cross-body or shoulder strap that is attached each side of the bag. Many also have two small handles, so that the bag may be carried in one hand, much like a briefcase.

Clutch Bag

A clutch bag is a small, rectangular- or oval-shaped bag typically used in the evening for attending events such as parties or galas. The name comes from the fact that most clutches don’t have straps or handles, which means they must be “clutched.” Though clutches are one of the smallest types of bags on the market, they are ideal for occasions when you don’t want to carry a larger bag.

Doctor’s Bag

If you’ve ever seen an old-style doctor’s bag, then you likely know what kind of shape this bag has. It has two stiff handles and a stiff bottom, which allows it to maintain its shape. In addition, the body of the bag is square or boxy. These types of handbags may have a zipper or a clasp.

Hobo Bag

Unlike the doctor’s bag, hobo bags do not hold their shape and tend to be curved rather than boxy. Two sides of the bag meet in a single handle so that the bag can be held or worn over the shoulder. They often have a main compartment closure as opposed to being open.

Messenger Bag

A messenger bag has a long strap so that the bag can be worn across the body. The body of the bag rests near the lower back or hips. Messenger bags are usually fairly large, and may have a separate pouch to hold a tablet or a laptop computer. They’re an urban fashion icon as they are often worn by cyclists and bicycle messengers in large cities.

Shoulder Bag

As the name suggests, a shoulder bag is a bag that can be worn on one shoulder. It has a long shoulder strap and is medium-sized as far as handbags go.  


Satchels have some structure, though not as much as a doctor’s bag. Usually, they have zippers or attachments to close. They usually have two handles on top, and some varieties have a cross-body strap as well. Satchels may be large or small. 

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