Health Insurance: Make Sure You're Covered -

Health Insurance: Make Sure You're Covered

Health insurance is something that everyone should have. Health care options in the United States are changing in order to better serve you. Many employers will offer health insurance, but for some that may not be a feasible option.

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Keep reading to find out more about the public health insurance options available in the United States.

Public Health Care Coverage

There are different types of public health care coverage available for those who meet certain requirements. Some of the main forms of public health care coverage include:


  • Medicare is a federal social insurance program. It offers health insurance to those who have ALS, are suffering from end-stage renal disease, permanently disabled people, and those over the age of 65. Most people who are insured with Medicare will also have some other form of health insurance, including Medicaid or employer insurance. Medicare can help people to have reasonable medical costs no matter what their health is like. This can prove to be very valuable in the case of illness or injury.
    • Medicare Advantage
      • Medicare Advantage looks to provide those who are receiving Medicare more choices while minimizing spending.
    • Medicare Part D
      • Medicare Part D gives private insurance to Medicare recipients. This allows them to have subsidized coverage for prescription medications.


  • Medicaid provides people with a social health care program if they fall under a certain income level and have limited resources. It is also for people who do not qualify for Medicare. It provides the most funding for low income citizens and people with disabilities in the United States for health and medical services. Medicaid is a means-tested program that is managed by the state. Eligibility for Medicaid is categorical. This means that the person enrolling for Medicaid must meet some of the categories which may include low-income child, pregnant women, disability, low-income seniors and more. How Medicaid is granted and what it covers depends on the type of program the recipient is in. Medicaid is often administered through a state’s own program.

State Children’s Health Insurance Program

  • The State Children's Health Insurance Program provides health insurance to children in certain families. These families do not qualify for Medicaid and do not make enough to afford private medical insurance. This is a joint state/federal program that helps to pay for uninsured children’s medical costs.

Military Health Benefits

  • Military health benefits are provided to those who are in active duty and retired service members. It will also provide health benefits to their dependents. It helps to not only cover the expenses in the case of injury or illness, but also seeks to keep those in active duty in good health.

Indian Health Service

  • The Indian Health Service provides health care and coverage to those who are members of federally recognized tribes and Alaska Natives. The goal of the Indian Health Service is to raise the general health level to the best level possible.

There are many options for those who are looking for subsidized health insurance options. Check with your local state to see what type of health insurance programs you may qualify for.

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