How Does Social Security Work? -

How Does Social Security Work?

People work throughout their life and contribute to the social security program. Social security provides economic security for millions of people who have retired. It also provides benefits for people who are disabled and their families.

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Social security is one of the pillars that the United States is based upon.

Unlike other programs like pensions, social security works on the premises of what comes in, goes out. Pensions will accumulate funds to be dispensed later. Social Security is paid out just as fast as the tax income comes in. It’s important to know that social security is far from a free ride. Benefits are capped each month. No one will be getting rich from taking in social security benefits, but it can be vital money to people who need it and the elderly.

Who Gets Social Security?

There are over 60 million people in the United States who are getting benefits from social security benefits of some type. The vast majority of these are retired people or their families. They make up around 45 million of these people. Most benefits are to the families, but some spouses or children of retired workers qualify. There are also around 6 million beneficiaries who are the beneficiaries of deceased family members. Typically it’s widows, but i can also be children of the deceased as well.

The final group of recipients are disabled workers and their families. The benefits to these people tends to be lower than for retirees. This is especially true for the family of disabled workers. Their average benefit hovers around only $350 per month. This certainly isn’t a lot of money, but it can make a bit difference.

Social Security Card Replacement

It’s important to keep your social security card safe. However, like any physical item, a social security card could be damaged, destroyed or lost. There are different paths to take if you are looking for a new card, or if you are looking for a replacement card. It’s much easier to get a replacement card than it is to get the first one. When getting a replacement card, you need to do two things. You have to prove your identity and you need to prove your U.S. citizenship.

Proving identity has three different items which can be used. These are:

  • U.S. Driver’s License
  • U.S. Passport
  • Non-Driver Identity Cards Issued by States

Those three items are the only ones which can easily prove identity. There are some other documents which may be used if replacements for those can’t be had quickly. Social security may require people to provide additional documents like a U.S. military ID, a Health insurance card, their Employee ID card or even a School ID card. This combination can help prove identity.

The second thing, is proving U.S. citizenship. This can be done with one of two documents. Unfortunately, there’s not additional documents other than the two. U.S. citizenship is proved with either a U.S. passport or a U.S. birth certificate.

To get a replacement card, all of the information needs to be taken to a social security office. These are placed throughout the country and typically there’s always going to be one reasonably close to anyone. Of course, for people in remote locations, “reasonable” may mean something a little bit different.

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