IT Management Degree -

IT Management Degree

Information technology is an ever growing field. It encompasses a large number of computer and technology jobs but a degree in IT management is the right place to start.

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An IT management degree is also known as a management information systems degree. These degrees allow you to fill any number of careers after you have graduated.

An IT management degree is usually a four year undergraduate degree. It is a Bachelor of Science degree. It can be completed both in person or online but for this specific degree it’s still far more common to complete the degree with full time classroom study.

Top Schools That Offer a Degree in IT Management

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - I don’t think it’s a surprise to see MIT located high up on a list of a science or technical degree program. MIT is legendary for their engineers and scientists and it’s no different when you take into account their computer scientists and IT programs. MIT is located in Cambridge Mass. It’s considered one of the best schools in the world and features distinguished graduates in many fields.
  • University of Arizona - The University of Arizona may seem like a surprising school to be on here. It is one of the larger universities in the United States and does have some excellent education available to it. Your 4 year degree in IT management here will hold a lot of status. This is unlike the 4 year beer pong degree you could get at its neighbor Arizona State.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology - This is another technologically based university with excellent focus in the computer sciences. It’s far cheaper to attend the school if you come from the state of Georgia.
  • Carnegie Mellon University - Thisi s a smaller school compared to a lot of the others on this list but is considered excellent in IT management. Carnegie Mellon is located in Pittsburgh.
  • University of Texas - It can get hot in the Lone Star state, but if you’re willing to brave the heat, you can get an excellent IT management degree from the University of Texas. The University of Texas is immense with an undergraduate base of around 40000 students.

Careers You can Have with a Degree in IT Management

There are many careers you can pursue once you have gotten your degree in IT management.

  • Information Security Analyst - You’d be working on your networks security. That means designing security procedures, ensuring safety protocols and staying one step ahead of the attackers.
  • Network Systems Administrator - You will install and create your organization's network. You will constantly monitor it to maintain compatibility for all users. You will create backups and disaster recovery plans.
  • Computer Programmer - The backbone of software development does remain computer programmers. Programmers work to create all of the code that runs your programs and applications. Without programmers there would be nothing.
  • Management Analyst - In this position you are more of a link between upper management and an IT team. You’re responsible for procedures and trying to determine the efficiency of some, and creating new ones should the current procedures prove to be flawed. This position can be more people oriented at times. You will need to be an excellent compiler and presenter of reports.

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