Key Finders: Find Lost Keys Now -

Key Finders: Find Lost Keys Now

There is nothing quite as frustrating as not being able to find your keys, especially when you are in a rush. Luckily there are many wireless key finders available that can make that panicked feeling you get when you can’t find your keys at bay.

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Many wireless key finders will also connect to your smartphone which can alert you when your keys are nearby. Keep reading to find out more about the best key finders available.

Best Key Finders

There are many key finders to choose from at a wide variety of price points. A few of the top rated key finder apps and products include:

  • Click ‘N Dig! Key Finder
    • This item finder uses radio frequencies to locate your items. All you have to do is attach the tags to the items that you lose most often (phone, remote, keys). The tags are color coded and will correspond to that colored button on your item finder. If you lose your item all you have to do is press the colored button for that item and the tag will flash and start beeping. The signal is quite strong but you must be within at least 60 ft. from the missing item. The Click ‘N Dig can help you to easily find your lost items affordable.
  • Tile
    • The tile tag is a very popular item finder that uses the Bluetooth functionality of your phone. The Tile tag is located in the app and doesn’t use a transmitter unit. The tile tag will alert you when you get within 50 to 150 ft from your lost object. The app will direct you to your item using sound. If you are not within the range required the Tile app will use others phones to notify you of your misplaced item’s location without revealing your private information.
  • HipKey
    • The HipKey app combo can help you to find your missing keys, iPhone, wallet or other frequently lost item with an alarm that goes off if the items are separated by 50 meters. It will also notify you if a valuable item is moved using motion detection. The HipKey can keep all of your valuables secure and by your side using the app and other iOS devices.
  • TrackR
    • TrackR is a type of Bluetooth tracking device that provides reminder alerts and two-way ringing to help you located your misplaced items. It also can give you a map of the last place that you left your phone with the GPS coordinates you need to find it.
  • Kensignton Proximo
    • The Kensignton Proximo has a main fob and the option to use several different tags. You attach the fob to your keys and it will track the distance that they are from your iPhone. It also is outfitted with GPS coordinates so that you can look up the last known position of your misplaced item.

With the right key finder app or product you will never have to look for your frequently misplaced items again. Compare price points, features and functionality to get the right key finder for you.

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