Kitchen Remodelling -

Kitchen Remodelling

Remodeling your kitchen can be quite an adventure. Remodeling a kitchen allows you to update the facilities to more convenient or powerful versions and lets you change up the look to make the kitchen more appealing to you visually.

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The visual appeal is important as it’s something that represents you. The kitchen is supposed to be warm and appealing and draw people in.

Do It Yourself:

Doing it yourself in a Kitchen remodel is entirely possible! One of the biggest requirements is to plan ahead. Don’t work on the fly. You need to plan out your remodel and then you need to stick to your plan. Acquire all of the tools, equipment and materials you are going to need rather than getting it piecemeal. Pick something beautiful that you love. If you’re going to put all the effort in to do it yourself then you better do it for something you really like.

Best Tools for Kitchen Remodelling:

  • Hand Tools
    • Quality Hammer - It may sound simple, but a strong hammer is still crucial to renovations. Preferably your hammer should have a titanium finish.
    • Multi Purpose Screwdriver - It’s smart to have a ratchet screwdriver. Making sure it’s a screwdriver with every extension and magnetic is just a supremely convenient option
    • Demolition/Crow bar - You’re going to need to do some prying and jimmying when you’re taking things apart in your demolition. You will need to go and ensure you have the right tool to get that done.
  • Health Protection
    • Safety Glasses - Protect your eyes. It’s important to always protect your eyes considering the amount of damage that can occur during a kitchen remodel.
    • Safety Gloves - It’s crucial to use safety gloves. There are so many opportunities to injure yourself and your hands. Good gloves can save you a few extra fingers than you would have had otherwise.
    • Mask - A proper mask is important especially when you’re near paint or other dangerous components that can be inhaled. It’s good to avoid inhaling poisonous fumes.
  • Power Tools
    • Drill - A Drill is important. There’s a large amount of versatility in a drill and well, holes are going to be needed in your renovation.
    • Shop Vac - Your renovation is going to make a mess. That’s just the way of things. You’re going to want to consistently attack the mess to keep things from getting out of control.
  • Additional Items
    • Extension Cord - It may seem odd, but you should always keep an extension cord around for things. They’re so handy.
    • Tool Belt - What else would you be able to keep your tools on?

Best Looks:

Trends come and go, so pick things you like. 2016 is no exception but there are a lot of hot trends going on.

  • Break out the 80’s - Thankfully this doesn’t mean that leg warmers and terrible music are back in style. But for Kitchens, a lot of the things used heavily in the 80’s are once again popular. This includes things like Mirrored backsplashes or high shine surfaces.
  • Keep your colours like a library (quiet)  Soft colours are the name of the game right now. Whites, greys, charcoal and light colours are what’s popular. In addition if you’re a wood person, it’s the light grained woods making all the noise. Avoid your deep mahogany for now.

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