Las Vegas Hotels & Vacations -

Las Vegas Hotels & Vacations

Las Vegas is the Mecca of adult fun. Putting aside the old and disturbing when you think too much about it catchphrase, it has fun for almost every adult.

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It has incredible dining, it has incredible shows, it’s got elegant casinos and world class shopping! Las Vegas has all the accoutrements that you could hope for and comes at a surprisingly low prices!

Best Las Vegas Hotels

  1. The Encore at Wynn - Like it’s sister hotel the Wynn, The Encore is all about luxury. It takes the already large and well outfitted rooms and then takes it to a whole new level. If your plan is to do Vegas in style, The Encore at Wynn is the choice for you.
  2. The MGM Grand - The MGM grand has been one of the staples of the Las Vegas striup for decades. Despite that it doesn’t feel old and played out. If you’re looking to take it up a notch, you can even get into the SKYLOFTS portion of the MGM Grand. These luxury suites are more like luxury villas.
  3. The Venetian - Italian luxury reproduced at its finest. The Venetian gives you some beautiful luxury rooms, but also makes sure that it’s not too expensive.
  4. The Bellagio - The Bellagio was built to be a step above the hotels available on the strip. While others have surpassed in terms of sheer luxury, the Bellagio started the trend moving away from Las Vegas style to something overtly classic. Though they have proved that there is
  5. Paris Las Vegas - Some of these hotels keep things classy without giving it the extra Las Vegas “oomph”. The Paris Las Vegas throws down all manic craziness that Las Vegas has to offer, but it still somehow manages to keep it tasteful.

Flight & Hotel Packages

Package deals are a great way to get to enjoy Vegas on a budget. Packages take all of the planning out of your hands and allows you to focus on just having fun. Shopping on websites like Expedia can get you good package deals. Las Vegas itself sponsors a website ( to help you find good packages. They want you to be able to come visit just as much as you want to go there.

How To Get Deals

Here’s some tips on how to get deals for trips to the mecca of fun, Las Vegas;.

  1. Set Alerts - There’s plenty of places to search for flights, hotels or package deals. Most of these will let you set an alert at certain prices. This will automatically alert you when the price/package deal that you want happens.
  2. Be Ready to Move Quickly - Great deals will often come up on last minute packages. This means that you’ll have less warning. It can be as long as a month, or as soon as a couple of days. These last minute deals bring prices down even farther.
  3. Shop Around - Like almost anything, you can find different prices for things at different locations. Whether you’re looking for flights or hotels or both, there’s going to be different prices for the exact same rooms.

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