Lawn Care & Maintenance -

Lawn Care & Maintenance

You’ve moved into your new house, you’re proud of this. Your house reflects you to the world. One of the biggest features of what you project to others is your lawn.

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A well maintained lawn shows a strength of character and a willingness to work hard. It’s the mark of a true adult to keep your lawn maintained beautifully. It’s important to have the right tools for the job and to make sure you do things correctly. Sometimes you can possibly do less work but maintain the same lawn. We’ll go over the tools you need to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Tools You Should Own:

  1.  Lawnmower - This goes without saying really. You can choose from electric, gas or hybrid mowers. Additionally you could go all out for one of those self propelled computerized mowers.
  2. Wheelbarrow - The wheelbarrow is the unheralded hero of your lawn maintenance. It provides transportation to all other items.
  3. Fertilizer Spreader - You want to make sure that when you are putting fertilizer on your lawn that you are doing so evenly to promote proper growth and to avoid burning.
  4. Insecticide Sprayer - There’s two different options that you can get with sprayers. You can get them in backpack form or you can get them in canister form. These sprayers are important for
  5. Weeding Tool - The weeding tool is a hand tool with a forked head. Unsurprisingly it helps you remove weeds.
  6. Shovel and a Spade - It may sound odd but these are important uses for lawn care. Spades especially provide excellent use with edging and removing your grass in areas where you choose to do some landscaping.
  7. Blowers - Blowers are available in gas and electric models. Blowers are excellent for handling fallen leaves and debris. Additionally blowers have a reverse option to vaccum up things and grind them into mulch. This provides a double benefit and is incredibly useful.
  8. Trimmers - Trimmers are important to keep nice edges when moving your lawn. Since your mower likely won’t get right up to walls or other obstructions, the trimmer will provide you with an easy portable way to finish off those last little bits. Trimmers are available with electric and gas power.

Tools You Should Only Rent:

  1. Power Aerator - Aeration of your lawn is an important task. IT’s usually only a once a year task. When you Aerate your lawn you create small cylindrical holes in your lawn. This is important because it allows natural elements like water and air to penetrate your lawn's roots at a deeper level. This encourages even more growth from the roots and they will become stronger. A power aerator will make the task so much easier than it is without one, but are very expensive and specialized. Rent this tool. If you’re on good terms with your neighbors you can probably work out a split of the price and everyone uses it during the same rental period.
  2. Vertical Mower - The vertical mower may look like a lawn mower but it certainly doesn’t move like one. The vertical mower is used to mow down into the soil penetrating it. This tool is used before you plan to seed your ground with new grass seed.

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